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Deleting blackberry bolt on how ?

I used to have a blackberry so got the bb bolt on but i no long have a blackberry i have got an iPhone so am trying to delete the bolt on but cant find where to do it either by calling 4444 or on the my o2 i'm stuck and its costing me an Extra £5 every month havent had a bb for nearly 6 months now n still cant find out how to do it plz can someone help me out with this PLEASE HELP THANK YOU TO THO WHO DO HELP x
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Re: Deleting blackberry bolt on how ?

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Hi and Welcome to the Forum,



Usually a Bolt On can be removed by logging into your account via MYO2 which can be accessed by the tab at the top of this forum.


Or ring O2 on 4445.


Or speak to them via Live Chat  http://www.o2.co.uk/mobile/contactus


Please when you ring them make it clear your on an iPhone so they can ensure your put on the correct iData settings.