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World Dream Day

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Hello everyone,


This Saturday is World Dream Day!


Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 11.09.47.png



I’m so glad that my first post here in the community's Off-Topic board was bound to be about a subject I have great interest in: dreams.


To dream is an integral part of being a human being (some researchers say that all mammals 🐒, and even birds bird, dream too). Maybe nowadays it’s something that is relegated as unimportant and frivolous by most people, but many important scholars of the mind have studied dreams thoroughly, such as the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who saw dreams as the psyche’s attempt to communicate important things to the individual and develop ones personality.


A contemporary Brazilian neuroscientist named Sidarta Ribeiro is debating on his new book The Oracle of the Night: The History and Science of Dreams, which was translated to English last month, that dreams are one of the most important aspects of the human mind, as in evolutionary terms, it even helped us to develop cognitive abilities.


It is through our dreams that we can see things that never were and foresee possibilities that our rational mind full of fear could not. That goes to the extent that our dreams have a role in shaping who we are and the world we live in.

And who has never daydreamed about a better world? Maybe our daydreams are also fuelled by the dreams we had in the previous night, even though we don’t remember about them. 

I have to be honest, nowadays I rarely have the luck to remember my dreams, but when I do, I always feel very happy about it. I also have memories of dreams I had long ago, when I was a kid I used to dream about dragons and waterfalls a lot. And of course, the classic one: to dream that you’re flying is one of the best things ever!


What about you guys? Do you have recollections of amazing dreams you had 💭 , like the ones you feel that were real? Have you ever dreamt about something that influenced the way you approach a situation in real life or that even challenged you to be a better person or to make the world a better place for all of us?

I’m curious to know 👀



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Well I meet many "dreamers" @RafaC  and they are wide-awake !!  

I am definitely a down to earth person ~ I am rooted in reality ~ which I believe is the only way forward.

Grafting and putting shoulder to wheel is what I believe in.  A person can "day dream" but if a person wants it to happen then they have to "make it happen".

In my humble opinion dreaming at night is the brain filing the information acquired during the day's events and sometimes the week's events.  There is nothing mysterious about our brains just a big computer with filing facilities.

I don't know which type of researcher discovered that "birds" dream but I have brought up many birds both wild ( saving their lives ) and parrots ~ they are realists and I have never observed them dreaming : one eye open most of the time!

I have seen dogs "running" accompanied by little barks, in their sleep obviously chasing something!

Cats not sure about cats they are light sleepers too never noticed cats dreaming.

Good subject RafaC 

Bye TallTrees

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Community Manager
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Interesting take on dreams @TallTrees, I mean, scientific research on dreams and how our mind operate still has a long way to go, so it's a good subject to debate and read about, as it's a field that still hold many possibilities!


I guess that even your take on the computer-like nature of the brain still has something to do with the current research being done by the neuroscientist Sidarta Ribeiro, who analyses the importance of dreams and how our mind operates from a scientific point of view, and therefore presumes that our brain, through our dreams, process our thoughts and experiences in order to recombine them to somehow give us a different take on real life events, and that may helps us with the same or similar difficult situation if we ever come across it again.

So that is not far from filing information as you said, but also recombining them and analysing them in order to make the most of that stored data, to continue with the computer metaphor. 

I really enjoyed your description of a dog dreaming, very interesting! 
Glad you liked the subject as well slight_smile

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