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White Room Quiz Mon 31 May 2021 Spring Bank Hol ed

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Welcome to



There are two White Room Quizzes each week - one on Monday and one on Wednesday.


Today`s White Room Quiz is the Spring Bank Holiday Special with eight questions

- with one question on each of these categories 




Each question is associated in some way with 31 May.


The White Room Quiz is open to all members.

Those wishing to take part must pm me - @Mi-Amigo  - with their answers between 12 noon today [Monday] and 11.59pm tomorrow [Tuesday].

Please do not post your answers on the thread.


I hope our regular quizzers

  @Cleoriff  @pgn  @jonsie  @gmarkj  @MI5  @TallTrees  @O2EmmaLouise  @BobM  @TheresaV 

  @LukasB   @Martin-O2 

and any member, who has taken part in the past or has never taken part, and any new members will join in with today`s White Room Quiz.




Q1 HISTORY - 31 May 1911: Which famous ship was launched in Belfast ?


Q2 PEOPLE -   31 May 1996: Timothy Leary, philosopher and advocate of hippy counter- culture died.

         What was his famous saying, first coined at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco in 1967 ?


Q3 PLACES -   31 May 1859: The clock in the tower, which houses Big Ben began, keeping time.

         What was the name of the tower - before it was renamed Elizabeth Tower in 2012 ?


Q4 LITERATURE - 31 May 1669: Samuel Pepys wrote the last entry in his famous diary.

         What reason did he write for not going to continue with his diary ?


Q5 MUSIC -     31 May 2007: Rihana released her third album.

         What was the title of this - Rihana`s third album ?


Q6 MOVIES -   31 May 1930: Clint Eastwood was born.

         What character did Clint Eastwood play in the 1971 movie "Play Misty For Me" ? 


Q7 SPORT -      31 May 1868: Dr James Moore of the UK won the race at Parc de St Cloud, Paris, France

         This was the first recorded race of which sport ?


Q8 EVENTS -    31 May 1978: The revival of "Hunting the Earl of Rone" staged and then held annually.

         Troop of men, dressed as grenadiers, search for the Earl of Rone, wearing grotesque mask and

          clothes stuffed with straw. Once found, Earl of Rone put on donkey, escorted by man on hobby

          horse and the Fool through the town, stopping at pubs for donations.

          In which town in Devon is "Hunting the Earl of Rone" held ?


The White Room Quiz is open to all members of the Community.


Those who want to take part must pm [private message] me [Mi-Amigo] with their answers between 12 noon today [Mon 31 May 2021] and 23.59 [11.59pm] tomorrow [Tues 01 June 2021]

- allowing 36 hours to pm your answers.


Please do not post your answers on the thread.


The answers - and results for each player taking part - will be posted on morning of Wed 02 June 2021


Each member will be awarded star for each correct answer. In addition, each member who gives


              EIGHT correct answers               SIX correct answers                     FOUR correct answers

                   will be awarded                       will be awarded                          will be awarded


                  silver-thinker.jpg                 bronze-thinker-crop.jpg                        red-thinker.jpg

                  SILVER THINKER                     BRONZE THINKER                             RED THINKER


                                                                THE RULES

Each member must pm [private message] their answers to me [Mi-Amigo] after 12 noon today [Mon 31 May 2021] and before 23.59 [11.59pm] tomorrow [Tues 01 June 2021].

No member is to post any answer on the thread.

Any answer received after 23.59 [11.59pm] on Tues 01 June 2021 will be declared void.

No googling, wiki, youtube search for answers.


The White Room Quiz is open to all members.

New members, who have recently joined the Community, and members who have not taken part before, are welcome to join the "regulars" with this week`s quiz. 


Please feel free to post any comments on the questions - but not the answers - on this thread.

If you have any questions about the quiz, please ask and I will reply here.


I hope everyone likes the questions in today`s White Room Quiz, and finds this WRQ fun.

Good luck, everyone




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Some people see things as they are and ask "Why?"; I dream of things that never were and ask "Why not?"
Robert Kennedy.

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@TallTrees wrote:
Very interesting @pgn regarding Big Ben..
Monachs reigning for 60 years plus can claim the clock tower name.

Actually, the west tower, or King's Tower, was renamed on Queen Victoria's 60th Jubilee, my mistake, @TallTrees:


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Your 💡moment @pgn 😂

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@TallTrees wrote:
Your 💡moment @pgn 😂

Better late than never, @TallTrees 😎

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