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Whether to wait or buy a phone

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I am bored with my phone, I've had it for 3 years, served me well and is lagging a little. Has anyone bought the Sony Xperia U and like it? I am interested in buying one due to budget restraints, but am put off by the phone memory- I am a heavy text-and tend to keep them. Smiley Embarassed And it has no expandable memory with sd card.


Sony are now deciding that they are going to release miro, xperia j and t.  The thing is, will o2 sell them? Do hold out and wait for them or just buy the xperia u and be content? 


I want to stop procrastinating and get it already!


Thanks for reading.

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No one else can advise you which phone to buy as it's a personal thing - Every one has different needs & wants......
I have no experience with any of the modern Sony phones (last ones I had were J5 & J7) but there are many other budget android handsets to choose from. Have a look around they usually give good indepth reviews....
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Thank you MI5.


I have read the reviews thoroughly (I am bored, or it's so much information that it's all about quadcore, battery draining -blaaaah and I may bring back the use smoke signals) and understand that it is a personal thing; but just before I get a new phone from those that sometimes just do not not care about the customer and want a sell -sorry, I am one of those that takes time in buying a phone - I am just wondering if anyone on here who is looking to buy a new phone and likes the new look of Sony (or got the Xperia U) would they buy the Xperia U or hold out for another (Sony) phone instead. They look and hold very nice. 


Similar to those who refrain from buying or just bought an iphone 5 knowing that iphone 8 is going to be released soon. (I know iphone 8 doesn't exist before I get slaughtered!)


Back to phone specs and compare to customer reevoo reviews it is! I feel I am going to be spending my mortgage money buying a samsung! haha 



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