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Re: What mobile games do you play?

@Anonymous wrote:

Yeah Fury & Boom Beach are fighters,


but GoW is match 3,4 or 5 to power up your skills to annihilate another team also trying to match. And has a host of worlds to conquer, games to play, all whilst powering up your own team. Candy Crush / Pet Rescue are lame in comparison.


Air Challenge is just endless landing planes without crashing into each other. (Old habits die hard)


Canasta is the most fascinating card game I’ve ever played.. totally hooked



GOW sounds interesting, I must look it up in the Play Store.


I know of Canasta but never played it. I'm hopeless at card games apart from solitaire. Probably because I never played any as a young adult, apart from solitaire. Basically, had no interest in them to be honest. But that's me. I'm the odd one out with friends as they all play several card games. But muggins here can't join in because I haven't got a clue. They tried teaching me but it was a waste of time. Useless I am tongue winking

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Re: What mobile games do you play?

The only mobile game I currently play is Super Sudoku, and occassionally Jewel Star