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What Are You Eating At Christmas?

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I enjoy the traditional festive fayre at Christmas time. This year I have bought in buffet food to cook in the oven, all at the same temperature smiling - A Christmas Party for 1 santa


I have cooked a turkey dinner for enough years and just can't be bothered for myself anymore. I have been looking for a photo of the 1st Christmas me and my son Alex had together - a turkey crown - but I can't find the photo of me proudly posing with the bird LOL


I used to make my own Christmas cake, but after the time I forgot to put in the liquid and it was too dry to eat - even the birds refused it LOL all that goodness and expense gone to waste - never again.


The mince pies have already been opened - I need to buy some more.


In Yorkshire it is traditional to serve Wensleydale cheese with Christmas cake - need to buy these soon.


What will you be eating at Christmas?


Christmas food


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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Fried egg sandwiches!
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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Hi @Anonymous 

I no longer do a big family meal at Christmas. I used to cook every year, whether it was Christmas Day or Boxing day, depending on my shifts at work.

When we had Ben (the grandson) and after his parents split, we used to have him one year from Christmas Eve, through Christmas day. The following year we would have him late on Christmas day, through Boxing day. All very civilised.

Our Christmas meal was always turkey and beef, with all the trimmings. Starter was either Salmon, Soup or Prawn Cocktail and for sweet it was mince pies or Xmas pud with brandy butter or cream.


Then we had a few years when my youngest son and his partner cooked. After 40+ years of doing the meal I'd had enough of it. rofl


My eldest son and his partner had a daughter 8 years ago and things changed then. Our granddaughter always spent Chrismas day at home.


So we decided that our family Christmas day would always be on Boxing Day. Instead of anyone cooking, we take the family out for a meal.

Despite what people imagine, this works out much cheaper. We go to a Christmas carvery at Middlemarch farm

A great choice of menu. 3 Courses, and no waste or washing up!!


On Christmas day, after delivering presents to the granddaughter, Ray and I will come home, have steak and chips and just veg out in front of the TV. Bliss. santasantasanta

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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Christmas morning, I`ll be having a bowl of porridge, followed by mushrooms on toast, with a cup of tea.

For lunch, it`ll be "fake pork" and pickle sandwiches, and cheese and crackers, with another cup of tea.

For late tea/early evening meal [around 5.30], full "vegetarian Christmas meal" - slice of "fake turkey", roast parsnips, roast potatoes, peas, brocolli [no sprouts], cranberry sauce - followed by warm mince pies and custard, and cup of tea.

I am truly grateful that my wonderful carers will prepare and cook all of this food for me.

I never forget that there are many out there who will not be so luck, so I have made a small donation to a local homeless hostel to help towards providing someone with something over the festive period.  


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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Hi there @Anonymous
I like food 🙃
It's strange really when thinking back over the years growing up and all the Christmas traditional lunches prepared and presented with all the whistles and bells. I carried this on as if it were essential. Then one Christmas thought don't need to do this.
Everyone much more relaxed. I enjoy the fruit cake bake but that isn't just for Christmas decorate one for fun.

I am hearing similar thoughts from others too.

❄❄So Christmas will be mostly like any other day🎅🎅
Morning probably porridge like @Mi-Amigo
Lunch will be roast meat baked inside my cast iron pot. veg and baked potatoes. Low key. Some of my fruit cake later.
Every day is special that's how I like to think now.

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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Amongst other things I will definitely be enjoying a homemade cornish pasty by itself or with a mixed salad which includes fresh fruit @Anonymous
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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

My wife used to cook two Christmas dinners, one on Christmas Day for us and the boys and again on Boxing Day for both sets of in-laws. But as we all got older and people passed away Christmas never really felt like Christmas used to, especially when I was left alone. Last Christmas my meal consisted of a sausage barm followed by a Wagon Wheel biscuit.

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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

We always have the additional Christmas dinner then bubble and squeak the next day with the left over veg! yahoo

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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Lots of lovely stories and differing food

Thank you all for sharing

I fancy @Anonymous 's fried egg sandwiches ... ... ... with runny egg dripping down my arms smiling


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Re: What Are You Eating At Christmas?

Down your arms???

You sound like a proper Knuckledragger!