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Re: Weather In Lyrics Challenge

@Mi-Amigo wrote:

Thank you @Glory1  and @Cleoriff  for your kind comments.

I admit I get considerable pleasure out of putting these Challenges together, not least to listen again to the music and suddenly spot a word which I use in a Challenge. That said, there have been, and no doubt will be in future Challenges, songs in which I have missed one of the words, but the positive view of that is there is always something new to find every time any of us listens to a Beatles song.


                                             The COLOURS IN LYRICS CHALLENGE


I made a few minor changes to the original planned list of words to be found in the new Challenge - Colours In Lyrics - with a mix of easier to find and more difficult answers, which should add to the fun and, possibly, more of the "that was going to be my next answer" posts and banter between all of the regular members who play.

The new Challenge will be posted on a new, separate thread - Colours in Lyrics Challenge - later today, with a list of answers to be found.

The Challenge will not open until 11pm tomorrow [Monday] when the first answer can be submitted up to 11pm on Tuesday, when the results will be announced. Members will then be able to give their next answer after midnight and up to 11pm on Wednesday.


If anyone has any questions about this new Challenge please post on here and I will reply.

Thank you.

Very excited, and can't wait to see what colours are chosen. Looking forward to listening to all the Beatles songs again too, now for a completely different word. Great fun and did I say I can't wait BouncyHappy DanceLOL

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Re: Weather In Lyrics Challenge

I'm excited.... BUT F1 is just starting...so bye for now Fear

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