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This App Could Save Your Life



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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

That's an absolutely amazing concept @Bambino 

Difficult to believe an app can pinpoint your exact location if you need help Smiley Surprised

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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

I won’t post what my location is because it’s quite rude!
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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

Thank you @Bambino for alerting us to this 

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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

I had heard of this before.
Sounds outlandish, but obviously very useful in certain circumstances.
Google Maps has a similar thing built into it, but instead of words it uses a combination of letters and numbers with a town.
However with the size of the squares I can see why this allows emergency services (among others) to be more precise about where they are needed.
Wouldn't be surprised if this gets swallowed up by a navigation company at some point...

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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

I heard about this sometime ago and have had it on my phone for a while. Happily I’ve never had to use it but I understand most 999 call handling centres now have it as it is an extremely fast and accurate way of pinpointing someone’s exact location. As with all things of this nature it does of course depend on having network coverage and in the case of the app probably 4g as nav type apps tend not to work particularly well over 3G
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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

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What 3 words describe the back door and front door of the house, I wonder?

Never used this app before, but it really should be possible to find out this info for static structures just using a Web browser and perhaps Google Maps... Back later.


Hours of post-pub fun, the website let's you search for 3-word sets to find where the location is... 





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Re: This App Could Save Your Life

A very interesting thing...

It's not common here. But some of our "call centers" (fire & EMS is in one together, police is extra) for FD and EMS has implemented to be able to get whatsapp locations tho. Very useful indeed. But as a ambulance you still have to search sometimes 🙈

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