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The trip to Greece (Sky)

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Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are back at it for a fourth time, trying to outdo each other's impressions while travelling across Greece sampling top end restaurants.


Been watching this today and it's had me in hysterics, just like the first three series.


Worth a look if you are stuck for something to watch.


Watched it on Now TV but I think it'll probably be available on Sky Q too.

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Re: The trip to Greece (Sky)

Never heard of this one @Anonymous but then again I'm out of the loop on what's on TV as I haven't had one in years due to streaming on Netflix/Prime.


Your description reminded me of a show where people dare each other to taste all kinds of unusual foods such as insects or brains. But then I re-read your post and you mentioned "top end restaurants" so it's probably not the same show. sweat smile

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Re: The trip to Greece (Sky)



I absolutely thrash my Internet connection as I can't be doing with most live TV.