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Re: Something To Ponder

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There's a theme in Science Fiction whereby navigation by the stars, or Astrogation, is used - not unique, and is an extension of the navigation methods used on the oceans of old - the sextant was an example of a tool to make navigation more accurate.


Anyway, the book, I forget whose and what title, had a crew trying to navigate to safety after soe disster, and had them going back to tables, charts, and, yes, the basic abacus.


So the principle, counting, long multiplication and division, is still there today, just we can flip out a mobile and multiply two several-digit numbers with relative ease...


So, in short, ponder that we are worse, or perhaps better, off as individuals for all the technology around us today, in its almost constant state of evolution - smaller, faster, longer-lived, more portable...  I think we'd be able to survive without many things, including wireless communications, but we'd spend more time waiting as a result, I think.



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Re: Something To Ponder

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Well I just read this thread and as suggested had a ponder. Honestly, I never look back but always forward. The good ole days are simply old, not necessarily as good as our memory makes it. 


While things were definitely simpler back when I was a lass, they weren't necessarily better. Rose coloured glasses are wonderful but thinking back, I prefer now. Are we tied to our phones; well Saturday my phone was switched off from just after 2pm until just after 5am Sunday morning when I arrived home. Did I miss my phone, not one bit. I was enjoying good food, great conversation and some lovely wine, so I'm not tied to my phone, I can and do switch it off, and not just when I'm with friends either.


I love technology and the things that tech have provided. But occasionally, I switch the telly and my phone off, pick up my Kindle and get lost in a book. And, yes, my Kindle is a form of tech but I love to read, and my flat is much too small to cater for the over 300 books I have on my Kindle. So tech is working for me there.


As long as we remain in charge of our tech, no problem. It's when our tech is in charge of us that we're in serious trouble. I'm not there yet and hope never to be. There lies the way to madness and very serious problems.


Well that's my ponder anyway Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Something To Ponder

Just to clarify, when people of my age talk about the good old days, we are putting on rose tinted glasses and being selective when reminiscing.


We remember the freedom of childhood, being to play outside without fear at all. To go off for hours on your bike without a watch and being expected back in time for tea (or when it got dark)

We had an internal clock and no fear of asking a stranger the time.


We sat round the table at mealtimes and had conversations without staring at a phone in our hand.


So whilst I love my PC ,the internet, and smartphone and wouldn't change a thing, I'm glad I grew up in the era without any of it.


There are some things that were better in those days and some things that are better now.

Depends on the angle of the lens, I suppose.

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Re: Something To Ponder

When I was growing up, it was considered quite affluent to have a landline, and it wasn’t unusual to be queuing up to use a telephone box. 


I’m not sure that equates to “freedom” necessarily  thinking


But even children have their own mobile phones nowadays. It’s a sad reflection on society that they’re considered an essential part of our lives  neutral

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Re: Something To Ponder



I'd agree but it is handy having a phone available when out and about which is the primary reason I carry one.


I was still at school when PAYG packages started to appear and so it started with people texting each other across a room or at least that happened where I was in Sixth Form college.







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