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Recipes for the duration - to make things go further or to use unusual ingredients

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Recipe to make a tin to go further

For 2 people this will make 4 portions to last 2 days


I tin of meat        

1 tin of any beans 

1 onion  and /or 2 or 3 celery sticks

possibly stock cube


Fry the onion  or gently fry celery.   Use a frying pan or carefully use a saucepan or microwave

Add the tin of meat 

Add any tin of beans, mixed beans, etc

Add tin of veg  (or cook fresh ones seperate)

Add 2 table spoons of water and stock cube 


Heat gently. Enjoy

Eat with potatoes, or  pasta , or suet balls, or rice etc

Other variants ar tomatoes instead . Im sure you can think of others.


What are your ideas for tasty meals,  different meals, unusual idea.