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RIP Leslie Grantham

Eastender's Dirty Den has died.



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Re: RIP Leslie Grantham

I heard he was in hospital and quite poorly.


I don't watch Eastenders now though I did when he was in it. I believe the episode where he served his wife Angie with divorce papers took viewing figures to 30 million 

Never been matched since


R.I.P Leslie heart

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Re: RIP Leslie Grantham

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Yes, I don't watch Eastenders anymore either. But was a big fan when he was in it. He never matched the popularity he had then.

Sorry to hear he's died he was still a young man.

RIP Leslie

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Re: RIP Leslie Grantham

He had a checkered past and a notorious life after Eastenders but I did enjoy watching him, though I thought he was slightly wooden as an actor (controversial I know). Nevertheless,  very sad. RIP Leslie