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RIP Eric Bristow

Sad news, Eric Bristow the former world darts champion passed away today. I always liked his showmanship and his outspoken views.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Eric Bristow: Five-time darts world champion dies aged 60 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/darts/43663426

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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

Sorry Steve, I didnt realise you had posted. I will ask for mine to be removed

R.I.P Eric x

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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

He came in a pub in London I used to drink in a very long time ago when he was at his peak to play an exhibition match. In his day he was the best.

RIP The Crafty Cockney


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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

Celebs seem to be dropping like flies recently.. or does it just seem that way?
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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

No @Anonymous it's true. Was never a great darts fan but I liked Eric Bristow. He was amazing both as a player and as a man.

RIP Eric
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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

He was one of those players that you either loved or hated. He was very brash and arrogant, but a lot of that was just showmanship really, and it was just something he used to try to psych out opponents, often before a dart had even been thrown. But he was undoubtedly the best of his generation, and was the inspiration for so many people taking up the game.

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Re: RIP Eric Bristow

It was the likes of Eric, John Lowe and Jockey Wilson who turned darts into an acceptable tv sport and yes, it was all about showmanship to sell it to  the public.