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Passwords-Fact or now fiction? How to create individual BUT easy 2 recall passwords 4 Older or young

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This post might not be in the right category board ..........Margo? Emilie?

  • Im usng  wifi on my phone increasingly. BUT  I cant find the means to log out of emails etc.    Nor find a setting which deletes  passwords/history from a device on shutdown.  Easy to find on a laptop.  Are passwords obselete ?                                                                                                       Dangerous when shopping or banking?. Banks insist on passwords being safe, strong , unique. 


  • I use a system.Using known ancient personal info + ,screen & symbol creating individual passwords - easy to remember & unique requiring little thought when punching in .  Sounds unlikely.

My older friends think its clever & useful. I'll try my gkids with it ,shortly.   My friends struggle with completely uniquely different passwords and have lists.  There are between 30-40 passwords I use . Each are unforgettable by this method & unique but they don't need a list (tho i keep a potted version in case!!.


If interested I'll post the method . A starting example   eg 1st base. Use a deceased or distant relatives birthdate  which U instantly recall- Gt Uncle John's -  21.03.1923  (easy to recall ?).      theres more..........