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Not strictly 02 - ereader

Re     Ereader

Id like to buy an ereader for a grandchild. 10 in Feb.  Twould need to be lit and  the capability for illustrated books for children. Im confused by the letters such as e PUB etc which define the capabilities.


  • The child plays with my basic kobo-thats not suitable as its not lit wont& take illustrations for childrens works Kobo has a reasonable selection of books , not too highly priced. Im wondering what else is on the market.
  • She has her own tablet  which may or may not help. I cant read kobo books from my laptop. Tablets might be different !!!!

So guys and gals, with kiddies?, where can i find info and understanding to compare ereaders that have the right capabiltiy. Im hoping the Jan sales might provide a suitable model at reduced price.

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Re: Not strictly 02 - ereader

Hi @Jenny105.

Have you tried Amazon. I don't have kids but I do know Amazon have a great selection of e-readers and Kindles. Prices start from £59.99 and I know you can download all sorts of books. I also know they have a section for children's books and I imagine this would include illustrated books.

Personally I wouldn't be parted from my Kindle Fire HD and have downloaded loads of books and games and can highly recommend them.

Amazon also usually have sales after Christmas on all sorts of items including e-readers.

Hope this helps and Merry Christmas.
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Re: Not strictly 02 - ereader

I'll be keeping my eye 👁 on this thread because I'll be looking for a back-lit ereader when I'm discharged. I loved my Amazon Fire HD though a lot of things I never used because I have the laptop, tablet and phones so a simple WiFi ereader will do.