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Re: 'No need' for O2 UK flotation

It will be interesting to see if the figures stack up.

Last set of results seemed to indicate things moving in the right direction. Costs down, profits on the increase. Not spectacular, more steady.
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Re: 'No need' for O2 UK flotation

I'd be surprised if they went back to the stock market considering its where BT dumped o2 (cellnet or whatever it was) before being taken over by Telefonica. If anything, it will be sold to another set of investors with a more vested interest than outright profit growth.   

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Re: 'No need' for O2 UK flotation

I have no direct interest in O2's finances buy I do hope the books are healthy simply because it should help keep prices down or provide incentives for existing customers - struggling companies tend to focus on attracting new customers with offers and discounts.

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Re: 'No need' for O2 UK flotation

I think telecommunication is a scary one to buy stock in. It's not very stable from looking at providers like t-mobile, orange.

Be interesting to see O2 books though Smiley Happy
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