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News : Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog Which?

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Headline : Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog Which?



Excerpt from the Link "Consumer watchdog Which? has called for regulators to change the way broadband services are advertised.

Currently providers can use a headline speed for services even if only 10% of customers will actually get that speed."



My thoughts :


Its a positive move if this happens. For example Bt quote their broadband speeds and I  can upgrade to a higher tier which they promote as being faster. However due to the distance from my exchange the real time improvement is negligible for a slightly higher cost. 



Source : BBC News. 

Read more here : Broadband speed adverts targeted by watchdog



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They make a a valid point.

The claims of "up to . . . " don't always hold true.


However, speeds also depend a lot on the web server you are connecting to.

So the blame cannot always lie with the service providers.


Run a website on a dog of a server with crap connectivity and the user will experience slow speeds.

Media downloads may well suffer at peak times even on a service with great infrastructure.


Do service providers cache web pages (such as some do with popular sites like the BBC). You "speed" will look good when browsing these sites.


So it's more than just doing some tests to hosting companies.


But greater transparency can only be a good thing. So i welcome the Which article.

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