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Well what a palva I didn't realize that Netflix was going up in price but hoping they put some better films on then if we have to pay more 

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Netflix has never been about the films - its the series which is the main draw for me and there are some good foreign gems they bring in. Some of their own produced sci-fi is incredibly bad that its unbelievable someone actually green-lit the script - Another Life is a prime example of that. I'd vote Star Trek Discovery as well but they never produced that and thankfully gave up on that disaster. 


If you're a fan of animation, Netflix is the place for Japanese anime but its all about limited time licensing so at some stage one of the other streaming channels will have something not an Netflix exclusive. Oddly the Netflix produced animations aren't bad (bar the added woke-ism that is randomly inserted for no plot reason) but just see what they did to the He-Man reboot and you wonder if Netflix wants a future as a platform. 


Though the odd movies they fund isn't too bad but then again, it is is hit and more on the miss side of things. I've noticed they've got a load of 90's films of late so not too bad. Or they are bad but its fun watching what I didn't miss in the 90's 😂 Still nowhere near the size of the B-movie collection on Amazon Prime though. 🤓



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