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Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

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Hi guys,  

Spotlight time once again Smiley Happy

Say hello to....@gemz4the1

Gemma has been a member of the community for almost a year now. She's always really friendly and supportive. 

This time we have done the interview in a collaborative way where other members has been asking questions to Gemma. 

So say hi and congratulations below. Mexican Wave

Here's some info about Gemma:




Well done gemz4the1! 


 Below are some of our previous members in the Spotligh. You could be next by getting involved in the community!

 If you would like to suggest someone for the spotlight feel free to drop us a PM.


More about Gemma:
  • Which was your first mobile phone? My first ever mobile was a Motorola U (I think it's called).
  • When is your birthday? What would you like as a present? My birthday is 5th February 1988 - the best gift I could ever have is for my friends and family to be healthy and happy. :smileyhappy:
  • What would you take with you to a dessert island? I'd take my family photo, my pillow and my Build A Bear teddy to a dessert island.
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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Hi Gemz4the1 and Welcome to the Spotlight Family.

Nice to know you a little better. Smiley Happy
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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Congratulations @gemz4the1  - good to know we have a legal eagle on the team now.  Do you have any special interest in the legal aspects of technology?  





PS - lovely photo by the way.  You could always go into films if the legal career does not take off.

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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Awwww thank you @Anonymous that is very sweet.


I am trying to expand my legal knowledge beyond the usual Civil and Criminal areas.


I am always interested to learn new things about technology - although I am still a novice.

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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Nice to know a bit more about you Gemz Smiley Happy

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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Good insight Gemz Smiley Happy
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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Hiya Gem, always nice to put s face to the name x
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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

a face*
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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Howdy Smiley Happy 

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Re: Member Spotlight: gemz4the1

Hi Gemz

Good spotlight.

I think i must away and change phones though...as you think Samsung are a bit stone age..Smiley Tongue

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