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Laugh For Wednesday



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Re: Laugh For Wednesday

Yep laundry, washing up, hoovering, dusting.......it's always there for you, bless rofljoy


Thank you @Bambino another laugh out loud Wednesday moment. Was already in a good mood, so this just keeps me on that happy route thumbsup

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Re: Laugh For Wednesday

True I like doing the laundry 😇

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Re: Laugh For Wednesday

Laundry will always be there @Bambino though since my son has now found another place to live, it's a lot less. We have more food in the freezer, less mess to vac up and thankfully he has taken his speakers and sound bar with him.

So although I laughed at your post, for me, laundry is no longer such a chore...rofl

I would rather listen to the sound of the washing machine than his never ending music blasting out ..

With a bit of luck, I may get a rebate on my electricity tongue winking

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Re: Laugh For Wednesday

I suppose you could call your dog Laundry... thinking

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Re: Laugh For Wednesday

'Dirty Laundry' was a song I liked = good sound

Glad for you @Cleoriff 

As I've got older & it's only me & the cat ... I've become a bit of a slob around the house, HaHaHa

'Am I Bovvered ? '


Nice one @Bambino as always ... LOL

Sooo when I'm feeling alone & lonely there is just as you say Bambino - Always the Laundry there for me 

The cat doesn't make much laundry mindst Cat Tongue