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Keeping Pets Safe this Bonfire Night

Hi everyone, 


Bonfire night can be a distressing time for animals who can be frightened by the loud bangs and flashing lights.  With this in mind I've compiled a few tips on keeping your pets safe this November 5th. 


Indoor Pets

  • Close all doors and windows to reduce noise. 
  • Shut any curtains or blinds. 
  • Create a den or a place for your cat or dog to hide. 
  • If your pet is hiding don't try to tempt them out as this will cause further stress. 
  • Put on the TV or radio as a familiar sound and distraction for your pets.  

Outdoor pets 

  • Bring them indoors for the night if possible. 
  • Move hutches (guinea pigs or rabbits) into a garage or shed (if indoors is not possible). 
  • Use a blanket draped over the hutch to sound poof against fireworks.  
  • Provide some extra bedding as somewhere to hide.


An extra tip for dog owners is to create a 'half wrap' using a scarf or similar piece of fabric. The half wrap goes around the dog and can help reduce anxiety and keep your dog calm during the fireworks. 


dog comfort .jpg


I hope everyone's pets get through the weekend with a minimum of stress and please feel free to share any other tips you have in the replies below Smiley Wink


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