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O2 Social Media Team
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It's 'App World' out there!

As the popularity of smartphones is increasing day by day, developers are now building even smarter, efficient and more sophisticated apps but are really easy to use and often fun. I'm sure, every one of you has a app on your mobile device which is totally addictive (right?).


Ever wondered how you could make one on your own? Here're some tips from Mashable. What kind of app would you be interested to build, if given a chance?

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Re: It's 'App World' out there!

I'm far to thick to make my own, but love to use/try them my fav is the Ebay android app.
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Re: It's 'App World' out there!

My fave is IMDB

It's great for up to date info on films.
Great for... who was that... didn't someone do this before... what was that film with what's his name in
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Re: It's 'App World' out there!

I use IMDB all the time Smiley Happy

I also use the IGN app regularly too
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Re: It's 'App World' out there!

Not a very exciting app, but I would really like to see a common framework invoked between iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. There are plenty of apps out for iOS that are quality, well-made applications, but don't exist for Android. There is no clear-cut porting between platforms so I would really like to see developed a framework so that if you develop for Android, then a simple recompile could make it installable on iOS, and vice versa..