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Re: Is New Year overrated?

@dgilbert2 wrote:

@Glory1 wrote:

@Cleoriff wrote:

@Glory1 wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
Well whatever you're all doing. I hope it's

Safe/Good/Peaceful/Alcohol fuelled chaos

(Use as applicable)

@Anonymous mine will be:


safe, I'm at my friends' home

good, it's party time!!

alcohol-fuelled, it's party time!!

chaos, there will be at least 75 people partying with me and my friends, nuff said!!

Mmmmm...so no peaceful on that list then @Glory1?innocent

With at least 80 people plus music plus booze, there will be no peace in this house or on this street, as the neighbours have all been invited as well Bouncy

Enjoy anyway.... including the hangover D'oh! 

Well @dgilbert2 I won't be the only one suffering a hangover in this house, in this street or in the country. So I'll be in good company. Anyway, Christmas and New Year come once a year, so I make the most of it joy

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