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🧘 International Day of Yoga 🧘

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Hi all, 


Today is the International Day of Yoga as well as the summer solstice πŸŒž



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As a person who practices yoga since I was a teenager, I'm happy to share this post with you. 

This year, the theme for this celebratory date is "Yoga for humanity" as the UN is shining a light on how yoga was one the greatest tools us humans had to brave through the pandemic restrictions. 


I can't stress enough how yoga has been beneficial for me since I started practicing it as a young lad. I was brought into it by The Beatles, especially George Harrison, as when I started to be extremely hooked about them I read many books and watched many documentaries and noticed that George always emphasised the importance of meditation in his life.


Back then, early 2000s, yoga wasn't as popular as it is now, especially in Brazil. So I had to find a school first and that wasn't easy. When I found one and started practicing, I began to tell all my mates and family about how great it is and manage to bring some of them to practice with me.


One of my mates was especially interested in it too and funnily enough, he's my instructor nowadays. During college, I had to stop my practice for several reasons, but he didn't. He continued to practice yoga every day since his early teens and eventually became a certified instructor. So I'm lucky enough to practice with a childhood friend and not only that, but after a few years after my yoga journey begun, I managed to convince my mum to try it too and guess what? She's been practicing with me and my mate for quite a few years now!

Anyway, just thought that's an interesting yoga-related anecdote about my personal journey with this absolutely beneficial practice. 

Hope this post inspires you to try it and if you already do please share your thoughts about it on the comments section below.


Namaste πŸ•‰

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