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Hero of France

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Policeman Lieutennant Colnel Arnaud Beltrame has died ... Smiley Sad ... he swapped himself for one of the hostages in the recent supermarket terror attack in France ... unknowingly to those surrounding him the brave man had his phone connected so other officials could sort the situation


Our world has too many atrocities these days ... I have no wish 'to glorify' this or any other

My thoughts are with Arnaud's family & friends

May you RIP Arnaud Beltrame 


Source: BBC News

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Re: Hero of France

A true hero.
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Re: Hero of France

Its hard to comprehend that such a brave man would do this. This officer went far beyond the call of duty. We would all like to think we would do such a selfless thing but I doubt we would. One thing is for sure, he will never be forgotten. 😢

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Re: Hero of France

A truly brave and selfless man. He is what one means when using the word hero.

God rest your soul Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame. And peace to your family and friends.

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Re: Hero of France

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What a hero

R.I.P Arnaud Beltrame heart


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