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Freddie Starr RIP

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Re: Freddie Starr RIP

I loved him when he was younger. Quite mad and unique. You never knew what to expect with him.

R.I.P Freddie heart

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Re: Freddie Starr RIP

He was very funny in his heyday. But later in life I found him less funny than sad. But still, I'm sorry to hear of his death today.


RIP Freddie heart

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Re: Freddie Starr RIP

Very sad to hear this news. Freddie made me laugh when I was younger with his madcap antics.


R.I.P. Freddie


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Re: Freddie Starr RIP

Rest in peace
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Re: Freddie Starr RIP

Goodbye Freddie ~ have a laugh where-ever you go nowsmiling