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December 8, 1980



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Re: December 8, 1980

@Bambino wrote:


Gone but never ever forgotten. R.I.P John heart

Hard to believe it's been 39 years. cry

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Re: December 8, 1980

The biggest influence on me. My hero. Never ever forgotten.

R.I.P. John.

My tribute - the official video of Starting Over from album Double Fantasy released shortly before John was assassinated, with photos from his life.

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Re: December 8, 1980

Imagine is as meaningful today as it was all those years ago. Timeless....


RIP John (should have been Sir John)

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Re: December 8, 1980

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Was never a fan of him, or his cohorts.. but it’s no way for anyone to depart this world..

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Re: December 8, 1980

Thank you for the official video @Mi-Amigo 

For me it's a croft on the west coast of Scotland with my cat Marty as my dream hideaway smiling

Thank you @Bambino for the original post

Shocking way to have one's life ended

Always remembered John Lennon R.I.P.

I do like the Beatles music, always will

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