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Community Spotlight

Hi everyone, 


It's the end of another week and we have another community spotlight! This spotlight is on @ComaChameleon! ComaChameleon joined the forum back in 2012 and has a big presence in the off topic section. 


We have asked a bunch of questions to help everyone get to know them better. As always feel free to ask any follow up questions Smiley Wink


What's your name and where are you from?

I'm Anna, from Heinsberg, Germany (near Cologne)

Favourite thing about the forum/what do you like best?

Everyone is helping each other and trying to find a solution for people's problems. Aswell as the nice other members!

Why did you join the O2 forums?

Because I'm totally London-addicted and spend much time there, so I got myself a O2 UK Card to keep in touch with friends and to check up news etc. About the card and tariffs I had some questions and got them solved here. Smiley Happy

Which mobile phone did you first own and why?

My first one was a Alcatel One Touch easy... It was from my parents, but somehow I used it more often. After I got myself a Nokia 3310 - my first own one, it looked awesome and I fell in love the first time I saw it. I loved how you could change the case and get a another (looking) mobile by just some simple moves. My parents said I could get it - but I had to pay it by myself. After I won an art-contest, it became mine. The mobile number from that Prepaid-pack is still in use today.

Apple, Android or Windows?

Apple, all the way! I like the metal-bodies and the valuable-feeling materials aswell as it syncs with my iPad(s) and sharing calenders with my family. It's just clever and easy to use. 

Favourite movie/TV show/actor?

Oh... Gosh... I have so many! Doctor Who and The Vampire Diaries are my favorites at the moment. But (one of) my favorite actor is Gary Oldman, he is just fantastic!

What are your tastes in music?

Another hard one.. I love Green Day, my fav of all times, so I love punk-rock, rock. I love Robbie Williams aswell, so it's Pop. But another side I love is Gregorian, gregorian chant meets pop/rock music. So it's a very wide choice.

Do you have any pets?

Sadly not :'( I'm friends with a couple who breed Parson Russell Terriers, their dogs just love me, so when they're in vacation I take one of their dogs. We wanted to get one too, but due to my shiftwork and life circumstances a dog wouldn't fit into my life at the moment. One day we'll get one, for sure!

Cats or dogs which are better?


If you could have a conversation with any famous person, dead or alive who would it be and why?

I guess it would be Billie Joe from Green Day. He is a very interesting person and we have some things in common and it would be cool to talk about the thoughts and problems came up then.

What is your zombie apocalypse plan?

I guess it would look a bit like Simon Pegg in "Shaun of the dead"... I never thought about that topic. I saw some dead people in my job and it was ok, but never thought they could move again..

Future developments in mobile tech your looking forward to?

Waterproof mobiles and battery-charging-circles like the 3310 Smiley Very Happy

Hobbies besides mobile?

I joined the voluntary Fire Dept back in 2001, since then I joined the HazMat Unit aswell as I'm an instructor for our Youth Dept and work at our administrative desk.


Greets Smiley Happy


Awesome thanks for taking the time ComaChameleon! 

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Re: Community Spotlight

Hi Anna.

Great to see you in the spotlight Bouncy

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Re: Community Spotlight

Wow Anna....so much better to know your name than @ComaChameleon

I'm sort of connected to Germany as my youngest son lives in Wedding, Berlin which I've visited on numerous occasions. I think I know nthe S-bahn and U-Bahn backwards now! Very happy memories and the German people are second to none for friendliness and helpfulness.

It's good to know a little more about you Smiley Happy

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Re: Community Spotlight

Hi Anna....(Though to me... you will always be Coma as it's such a brilliant name)

Great to read more about you, I knew you were connected to the emergency services from conversations we have had before.

Ps I love Greenday as well. Great band x

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Re: Community Spotlight

Good to learn more about you @ComaChameleon

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Re: Community Spotlight

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Hi Anna, I used to be stationed in Germany, near Niederkrüchten, which isn't too far from Heinsberg. Germany was easily the best posting of my career, and I'd go back there tomorrow.


I'm just waiting for my numbers to come up on the lottery  Smiley Wink

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Re: Community Spotlight

Here's a question for you Anna:

Altbier or Kölsch?

Looking at your avatar, I think I know the answer Smiley Wink
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Re: Community Spotlight

Hiya Anna,

Great spotlight, and pleased to meet you 😃
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Re: Community Spotlight

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One more question Anna:


You say that you're "totally London-addicted", but can you tell us more about your addiction? Thoughful


Are you perhaps a shopaholic, or maybe an avid theatregoer? (I recently saw 1984 in the West End, and it was brilliant).

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Re: Community Spotlight

Aloha ^^



friendly and helpfull? Maybe to non-Germans, but I felt better helped in UK Smiley Very Happy

Berlin is nice, was there twice, it's a very interesting, never sleeping city. And the first place someone wanted to sell me some weed (x'D really.. I was kinda shocked).



Yeah, I am - tomorrow I'll start my new job Smiley Wink

And Green Day is the best ever. I so love them *-*



Yea, Niederkrüchten is nice, much trees and ... trees Smiley Very Happy (County) Viersen is very green and calm.

We had another british base here too, in Wildenrath, do you know it aswell?


Kölsch, all the way. I love Cologne (even working there isn't fun)


London... I avoid the tourist-spots. Never saw Madame Tussauds, never was on London Eye... I like the spots a normal tourist doesn't see. Like I travelled to Chesham (such a beautiful little village!), or Cutty Sark (I love to sit there in the evening in summer and just relax, seeing the Thames, the skyline from the Docklands). This summer I visited the Golder's Green Crematorium and it's Columbarium (that wouldn't be possible here to have).... Things like that. The everyday stuff Smiley Happy


@ all others thanks for the welcome Smiley Wink

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