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Can anyone recommend IPhone 4 Repair.

My home button has become intermittent, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place to have it fixed.


It's an Iphone 4, and only about 16 Months old.


Anywhere near Brighton would be great, but am willing to ship if the service and price is good.


Think it will need a new Home Button. Looked at the tutorial on how to do it, and it made me run a mile.


Any Help appreciated.



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Re: Can anyone recommend IPhone 4 Repair.

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£119 at apple store plus 3 months warranty as an out of warranty replacement .

Have you tried the tip in the useful iphone links thread in my signature?


this tip

Home button not working try this tip


1.) Open any application
2.) Press and hold the power button until the slide to shutdown swipe bar appears.
3.) Release Power button
4.) Press and hold Home button Lightly
until screen returns to icon screen
5.) Enjoy your functioning home button!!!


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Re: Can anyone recommend IPhone 4 Repair.

£120, close to what the phone is worth now, I suspect.


Only want to fix it so I can sell it.


Thanks for trying though.

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Re: Can anyone recommend IPhone 4 Repair.

Definatly a mechanical falure, as if I press the button dead center it does not work, but if I press it on the outer edge it works fine.

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Re: Can anyone recommend IPhone 4 Repair.

I have had trouble with my button as well on the iPhone 4. Going to get the iPhone 4S next month when I get a upgrade.