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CES 2020 - A blog from our CMO

Hey everyone,

I know some of you were interested in CES 2020 this year, and some of you have even spotted some impressive and weird new technology. Our Chief Marketing Officer Nina Bibby attended CES this year and saw loads of amazing products, ideas and projects - and has written a blog about it.

She's highlighted many of the amazing new tech I've been reading up on this week, including:

  1. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has introduced key upgrades to the Bluetooth technology that will improve and change how we connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to our mobile phones. The new standard known as ‘LE Audio’ will bring better audio quality, lower battery usage, less audio delay, and will allow you to connect multiple speakers or headphones at the same time.
  2. Imagine a future where you can charge your devices without any wires, power banks, or even wireless chargers. That’s exactly what ‘Guru’ are promising, and is a vision we’re very excited about. We’ll watch closely to see how this technology progresses and if it’s something we see in our homes soon.
  3. A new kitcken gadget called Juno promises to chill beverages, wine or champagne in just a few moments. It combines several technologies together to achieve this, but to you and I – let’s just call it magic.
  4. Samsung, known for reducing the bezels on their smartphones to give us an immersive full-screen experience in the palm of our hands, has now brought the same innovation to their TV’s – creating an almost bezel-less display for the home that is 99% screen.
  5. Speaking of TV’s, LG just announced one that rolls away from view into your ceiling when not in use. Flexible OLED displays are already powering some of our mobile devices – such as the Samsung Galaxy Hold and Huawei Mate X foldables, so it’s great to see larger scale versions. Fingers crossed the prices come down and become affordable for most of us.
  6. Samsung’s Digital Cockpit was unveiled this year, utilising the power of 5G for a seamless connected experience for drivers and passengers. It enables two-way communications between the home, office, and other spaces you visit, while also offering personalised experiences, in-car infotainment, and support from Bixby (Samsung’s digital assistant) to reinforce safe driving.
  7. The Climate360 bed is powered by some incredibly smart tech that automatically cools and warms to give you the best nights sleep. And better yet, each side of the bed can be fine-tuned to each individual. No more mid-night duvet hogging!
  8. Smart this. Smart that. Smart Water Tap. That’s what the ‘U’ by Moen promises and it sounds like heaven if you love to cook or bake at home. You control it by using the smart app, or by giving voice commands to dispense the precise amount of water you need, at the temperature you want.
  9. Combining 5G and Artificial Intelligence, Samsung has unveiled ‘Ballie’, a personal robot that follows you around like BB-8 in Star Wars, and promises to help with household chores, and even act as a fitness assistant.
  10. Impossible Foods just unveiled a plant-based pork substitute – for the many out there who lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and for those looking to consume less meat which will benefit the environment – something that we at O2 feel very strongly about too, having been the first business in the world to achieve Carbon Trusts highest rating in 2016.

Have you guys seen any other amazing new tech that didn't make it into Nina's list? Let us know below, and what your favourite / stand-out tech from this year's CES has been.

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Re: CES 2020 - A blog from our CMO

The phone charging without the unsightly multiple wires I currently have and the pork substitute look interesting for me.

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Re: CES 2020 - A blog from our CMO

I like the look of the Climate 360 bed. Very innovative.

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Re: CES 2020 - A blog from our CMO

Any upgrade to Bluetooth has to be welcome.. in its current form it’s dire!
The drinks cooler looks amazing, but mightily expensive.
I like the look of Ballie but I’m sure I’d fall over it, the kids would kick it / throw it or a dog would destroy it..
As for Bixby it couldn’t help itself let alone anyone else.
Again this year I saw the appliance with a screen in the door showing the latest news & weather etc. I’d really like to see that take shape.
The floating electric bike was a complete joke, steer one way while leaning the other... I do wonder where some of these berks think these things would be useful for?
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Re: CES 2020 - A blog from our CMO

For those cat lovers who have allergies.. check out Qoobo.. a purring cat cushion with a tail... but no head... weird!

The SWITL sauce scraper would come in handy! In fact it’s the most useful weird thing I’ve seen at CES this year!