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Blackpool Tower.

Who has been up the Blackpool Tower?
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Re: Blackpool Tower.

Me, many times but entry is expensive these days.

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Re: Blackpool Tower.

Good morning @Luke198823
I haven't been. If you can, post some photos going up and views from the top.
If lights are on, night time photos of them would be very nice.
Enjoy your stay in Blackpool.
Post them on this thread, easier to find

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Re: Blackpool Tower.

I haven't either @Luke198823 and would love to see some pics from the top of it if you go up! Smiley Happy

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Re: Blackpool Tower.

I've been a couple of years ago, and to be honest since Merlin Entertainments bought it they have done some good work. The pre-show (including a 4D experience) is actually quite cool (al-be-it cheesy) and there are now information screens and a glass floor at the top of the tower. If you've got children the circus show inside the tower building is also worth a visit
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Re: Blackpool Tower.

Yes, we went 3 years ago.
Went up the tower, saw the circus, the lights the whole thing.
Really enjoyed it, apart from the glass floor section at the top. Not a fan of heights like that!
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Re: Blackpool Tower.

Yes, I've been at the top ... when a kid and there was a zoo in the complex ... later with a teenage friend and the views were great, but I didn't like the glass floor, he did


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Re: Blackpool Tower.

Went in 2013 and don't like heights either I froze on the glass floor haha