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A Small Family & Friends Festive Season 2021

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Hi everyone 😊.


I will be sharing my plans for Christmas and the Festive Season below. I hope you enjoy and join in by sharing your own plans 🔔🎉🎅🎁🎄.


All gifts bought online ... I only buy for my son, daughter-in-law, my sister & the mother of my daughter-in-law, the cat, and a little something for myself ... 1st time no luxury liquid cherry liqueurs to source for my mum Olwen, bless her ... it hurts my hand to write so no Christmas cards to send / give ... however ... to contact family & friends by email / text / private message on Facebook & my sister by text on Christmas morning = we are to meet up soon over a toasted tea cake and cuppa in the Terrace Tea Rooms for a catch up.


No turkey to roast ... but ... will be enjoying a Festive Lunch soon with the mother of my dear daughter-in-law at a Herriots hotel, bar & restaurant I frequent ... = ... there will be an exchange of presents & I usually receive a birthday goodie bag as well seeing as it is in January. She likes travelling so it will  be a journey from Southport to me in Skipton then on to her sister and family in Boroughbridge where she will stay the weekend before returning home.


The highlight of my Christmas will be my son Alex and daughter-in-law coming down from NE England early morning on Christmas Day. There I will give them my presents over mulled wine (non alcoholic fruit punch as it says on the back of the label) ... followed by nibbles at my round table (don’t want to over fill them up before their Christmas Dinner with Alex’s father in Leeds) they then will travel to Southport for supper with Emma’s family before staying there until Boxing Day. I shall be having goodies from Marks and Spencer for my Christmas and Boxing Day food.


Soft lighting from a glitter lamp in my living room putting my feet up on the coffee table whilst settled on the sofa enjoying the SCD Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special on the telly, not forgetting The Queen’s Christmas broadcast at or around 3pm. Friends will gather in Herriots Hotel, bar & restaurant throughout the Festive Season.


Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Would love to read about your own plans for this year.

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This was very nice to read, @RunrigForever. Thank you for sharing.


My Christmas will be very different this year. Usually, I drive to Cardiff with my father in the morning and visit family. Then I head back to my mother's and have dinner there. The siblings don't do many gifts, but the nieces and nephews get spoilt rotten 😅.


Usually, my brother and sister have different responsibilities to see in-laws and whatnot, so there's a lot of coming and going across the festive period.


It's especially different this year for me because I have moved to England recently. I'll be spending time up here and then I'll head back to Wales for a week. I sold my car too, so my father and I will have to figure out what to do on Christmas Day in regards to Cardiff, as he's not currently driving either...


I'll then make my way back here for NYE and try to enjoy some of the big fireworks. 


On Christmas Day, I'll be playing board games, eating lots of food and enjoying a well-deserved drink with family, catching up and telling stories. There'll probably be time to fit in a film and a nap on the sofa too. I'll see friends on other days too.


Merry Christmas 😄.

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Merry Christmas and thank you @RunrigForever and @lewys-gp 

for an insight into your Christmas Day.

I will put up my trusty and flashy 2ft Christmas Tree on Christmas eve! 

OK maybe the day before🤣

Walk around my neighbours with cards because that what we all

have done for years!  

Not big into Christmas but join in a little.

I will do very little. Usually roast something with a few potatoes and veggies.

Christmas Pudding I love with that fantastic sauce with brandy in it!

Early in the morning I will let that little Robin in to eat from her bowl,  she gets very upset

if I do not, I like her alot.  

I have lots of things to do it just depends on the day.

I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and enjoys meeting their friends and family.

Edited to add  that I really enjoy water colour painting so if all quiet I may get the chance to start one. 😁




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Cooking Christmas Day lunch with Daughter #1 is what happens here. Oh, and about now I have stashes of fruit juices (grape, apple, cranberry, blueberry, blackcurrant) to make this:

Yum! Must stock up on juice this week, already bought some cranberries...




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Our Christmas day is spent at home with steak for lunch. (Lovely)

Everything happens on Boxing day here. I have cooked Christmas lunch for more years than I care to remember, so now we go out on Boxing day as a family with both sons and grandchildren.

Ray picks most of them up about 11am and we exchange presents here at home. Lots of laughter and booze for those who can drink...😂


Then off to Middlemarch Farm, a great carvery nearby. A 3 course meal follows, although normally we take the dessert home as we are too full to eat it.

Usually everyone (except us) have plans for the evening, so those who need a lift are taken home. Then we put our feet up and think 'that's it for another year' 😂


Last year we broke the law! We were allowed to meet up on Christmas day only. That didn't suit us at all as Boxing day has been the family Christmas day for years. So Ray picked everyone up on BD, they dashed in, in case anyone was watching and I cooked. The turkey and beef was cooked and carved up on Christmas day. Did everything else on BD morning. Even if I say so myself it was a great meal and my eldest said 'I hadn't lost my touch' Cheeky sod. 😂

Looking forward to eating a meal someone else has cooked this year. santa

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