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50 Years Ago Today

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

Thanks for posting this article @Bambino it makes very interesting reading.


I was one of those devastated fans when the news of the Beatles split was announced. But I understood why it happened reading many articles since.  Still while they were together they recorded some iconic music that is still listened to today. They were a legend in my book and this final live concert says it all.


Now the Rolling Stones, another group I've loved since I first heard them in the '60s, are still rocking today. Though there have been a few changes to the make-up of the group since they first hit the music scene.


I was a bit unusual as I liked both the Beatles and the Stones. Most people liked one or the other. I always asked why.

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

Very nostalgic @Bambino, I was a massive Beatles fan and I enjoyed reading through that and yes, loved the Rolling Stones too as I did the majority of 60s music. Far too many groups and songs to mention!

I remember all the rumours in the couple of years before they split but never believed that something so good would be gone so soon.

I was still only 19 at the time but their music has lasted 50+ years and will no doubt be listened to for generations to come. When you listened to the instrumentals of the Stones and the Beatles, you have to say that the Stones were superior but apart from a few Jaggar/Richards songs, then they paled into insignificance when compared to Lennon/McCartney's iconic hits.

I truly believe if John Lennon hadn't been brutally slain, we may have seen a re-union at some stage over the years. Such a travesty that we were denied!

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Re: 50 Years Ago Today

Thanks for posting @Bambino

A real trip down memory lane. (interesting part about the tights to wrap round the mics) joy


I loved both The Beatles and The Stones back in the day...Though with my gang of friends you had to choose one or the other to support (how stupid were we?) joy

I chose the Stones, as they were the 'bad boys'

Looking back at the  60's and like @jonsie, I think the Stones were the superior live band but the Beatles songwriting is more iconic.

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