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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

Hi @Cleoriff Thanks for the laugh..
Enjoyed it .... the blood was running..I was trying to stop it!!! Peter did survive miraculously...all ended well....penguins went to zoo policeman had a rest...😂

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

Loved it @Cleoriff 

Very fast moving, and great fun heart Bouncy heart

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

So here's your love story in full.....heart eyes


It was Valentine's day and Angie was getting ready to surprise her boyfriend Peter with a wonderful gift and a lovely meal at an expensive restaurant

For some reason it appeared as if they were drifting apart over the last few months and Angie wanted to let Peter know just how much she loved him.


The problem was, Peter was two timing Angie with her best friend Claudia and had decided to finish with Angie on Valentine's day.


Sadly, Peter had made a big mistake. He sent a Valentines card to Angie calling her Claudia. He sent a card to Claudia calling her Angie.

Both girls were horrified but as friendship is more important than a cheating man, they worked together to concoct a devious plan to teach Peter a lesson he would never forget.

Later that evening, Peter was in the restaurant with Angie. They had agreed to exchange gifts during a so called wonderful meal.

The meal arrived but both were wondering what was in the gifts boxes on the table

Unbeknown to Peter, Claudia, 'the other woman', was in a cubicle behind the couple and sitting directly behind Peter.

Suddenly and without warning, Claudia stood up, leant over the cubicle and said "Hello Peter you cheating pig, here's a gift from me"

Walking round to the cubicle where Peter and Angie sat, Claudia pulled a knife from her sleeve and......


.......slit Peter`s throat. Angie screamed "OMG. I know Peter is a cheating toerag but what have you done, Claudia? There`s blood all over my starter and you know how much I love prawn cocktail". Peter, with blood trickling from his mouth, gurgled.... 


"Get me a big plaster and a doctor!"

Lots of screaming and a Doctor was found having her Valentines Meal with her boyfriend (or lover!) she started to…


... tend to Peter`s neck when the police burst in and Peter spluttered "Thank God, arrest Claudia" but the police officer said "No mate, we`re here to issue you with a £800 fine for breaking Lockdown Restrictions, coz Angie tipped us off". The two girls....


....stood up and Angie, still horrified chucked her bloodied prawn cocktail at Peter, it missed him and hit one of the policemen who said.....


"Not my preferred starter, I usually go for the onion soup", as Claudia picked up Angie`s present from Peter and tore open the wrapping paper to reveal…


A gold watch and a sharp stiletto. "What the hell is this'? screamed Claudia to Angie...A gold watch you idiot, what's your game? Meanwhile Peter, still gurgling away in the corner, tried to say...


No-Body cares if I die! said Peter gurgling…Then Claudia took up the Stiletto and......


... stabbed Peter in the arm and said "that`s not the kind of jab Boris Johnson mentioned but it's what you deserve" and meanwhile Angie called for the waiter so she could... 


Get a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Valentines (Massacre!) Waiter brought bottle and.......


….a steak to which Angie yelled "this steak is rare, isn`t there enough blood on here? I wanted my steak well done" and the waiter rushed off with the steak, leaving Peter to cry out.... 


....for air. Then his head fell off!


... or appeared to, as his head tipped back and blood gushed from his throat... "Oh look, Angie. It`s like a scene from Carrie, my favourite film" said Claudia, to which Angie said…


"You have such great taste in movies, Claudia. I can finally understand what Peter saw in you" to which Claudia replied…


…I preferred Pet Semetary. Shall we see what happens if we bury him?


"Good idea" said Angie "Only problem is we haven`t got a coffin, what shall we use instead?" to which Claudia replied…


"I'm sure he would fit in the stiletto box if we squeezed him in. Otherwise, we can ask the waiter if they can fish a box out of the dumpster at the back"


Oh yes said the waiter ~ an old fish box~ back in a mo

Waiter back in minute with large fishy box....yippee said Claudia clapping her hands around…


…We need a sharp steak knife said Angie…


Peter always was a bit of a cold fish, thought Angie, lost in thought. 

All Claudia thought was, "My Cod, what a piece of..." 


... hang on, is my hearing going?" "No, it`s me" spluttered Peter "I`m not dead yet, you can`t bury me"

"Spoil sport" said Angie and Claudia together as they…


...tried hard to get him in the fish box, while he was gurgling away unhappily. 'Hang on' said Claudia, 'Angie, you haven't opened Peters present yet. So Angie tore off the paper from Peters present and found....


a face mask. "What the ....?" said Angie. Peter spluttered "I got it for you to wear so you don`t breath Covid on me when you get near" "I ain`t got Covid, Peter, you scumbag" said Angie "but I have got....  


...a rather wobbly head at the moment, on account of this gash in my neck!

 Angie surveyed the scene of devastation, eyed-up Claudia and decided…


she and Claudia should dig a hole at the back of the restaurant to bury Peter in the fishbox, and shouted at Peter "I`m not talking about your wobbly head but meant I ain`t got Covid, I`ve got something else", but digging the hole was going to be easier said than done because…


...the restaurant decided to have an illegal staff party at the back of the restaurant, so they decided to...


take the fishbox with Peter in it down to the local council tip but Angie and Claudia had a couple of problems as they had not yet got Peter into the box and they had to... 


....break his legs to fit him in....they couldn't do this alone so asked the illegal drinkers to help but....


..four Penguins popped up…



The hole idea collapsed ….


and the drunken illegal party-goer took the penguins off to the local zoo, while the girls asked the waiter to help them and eventually they got Peter into the box but he kept struggling to get out, so the girls…


…got some rope from the restaurant stores and tied him up into the box. While in the stores the Girls

noticed shelves full of the gorgeous Godiva Chocolates so left Peter in the box and started to eat and eat in the meantime Peter struggled free and ran into the kitchen bound up his neck with the aid of the Doctor who had now finished her dinner.  Peter opened the restaurant store and saw the two girls enjoying boxes of chocolates so he.................


... picked up the opened, half-eaten, box of chocolates and threw it into the open walk-in cold-storage fridge, at which Angie and Claudia screamed "Our chockkies... Our lovely chockkies" and ran into the coldstore fridge to retrieve the chocolates but.... 


...instead saw a lovely bunch of cold appetizers and decided to abandon the chocolates altogether and start a cocktail party in the lovely chill of the walk-in fridge, when Peter…


rushed forward, intending to slam the wall-in fridge door shut to lock Angie and Claudia in, but he tripped and fell, and the girls, seeing what Peter was about to do grabbed hold of Peter and...


Wrung his neck with the discarded rope

He screamed in pain with more blood spattering around!


So Peter was in the cold store with a slashed bleeding neck but loads of chocolates to eat, so he....


..called again for the Doctor who helped Peter and she and he felt the love 💘 so they decided....


to sit down together and eat the food which Angie and Claudia had found and Angie and Claudia turned to Peter and said…


We think you are a love 💘 rat...but ...we don't mind you can go off with Doc.. we will all celebrate 🍾 and enjoy a fabulous 🥳 meal here

Peter was so surprised and said.....


....'Well I've survived a slashed neck, a rope round my neck, being rammed in a fish box, being trapped in a cold store with the pretty doctor so I think.....


...this is going to be one Valentine`s Day I`m going to remember for a long time" Angie and Claudia were so moved by Peter`s comments they both burst into tears - [who said this wasn`t a soppy love story heart eyes ] and Doc joined in and said…


...'I'll take Peter now, I know he was a swine to you two but maybe that's because you were too close knit for him to break your bond, so Claudia and Angie, enjoy your life together and we will enjoy ours, come on Peter' she said, 'let's go (if you can walk) and.....


Angie held Claudia`s hand and with Peter and the Doc the four of them walked out of the front door of the restaurant into the quiet deserted street where the snow was starting to fall lightly and Angie smiled at Claudia and Peter kissed the Doc.


At last everyone was happy. Angie and Claudia were at last a couple and Peter had found a new love with his pretty doctor.




                                             heartTHE ENDheart

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️


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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️


That was like a Dario Argento film! 

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

Thank you @Cleoriff for compiling it into a full story.

Love it and everyone`s contributions, made me laugh out loud joy


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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

@jonsie wrote:

Sorry I missed this @Cleoriff heart

No matter @jonsie 

It was great work by everyone....a love story with a difference....joy

Time for my siesta now  sleeping Lol

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

@Cleoriff wrote:

@jonsie wrote:

Sorry I missed this @Cleoriff heart

No matter @jonsie 

It was great work by everyone....a love story with a difference....joy

Time for my siesta now  sleeping Lol

You deserve it clap

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Re: ❤️ One Sentence Love Story ❤️

A love story with a difference, that's an understatement - definitely "Inside No. 9" material!

Great idea, thanks for pulling it all together, @Cleoriff rofl

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