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Priority Tickets Calendar! 14-20 January

Hi everyone, 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! As the week begins, we wanted to highlight a few of the gigs and events available on Priority over the next few days. There's a lot more happening on Priority though: you can find a full list of everything going on sale or pre-sale on the Priority website!


Do you know and like any of those artists? Are you interested in any of these gigs? Let us know in the comments! smiley




The Japanese House: Priority tickets on sale Wed 16 January Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 09.11.32.png


The Japanese House is playing at the O2 Academy Oxford on 12th March.


If you're a fan, join our discussion here!




Gipsy Kings: Tickets available now Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 09.11.39.png


Salsa fans rejoice! The Gipsy Kings will be performing at the Bristol O2 Academy in March of this year! 


Interested? Head over to our Gipsy Kings discussion slight smile






Catapult Club presents: pre-sale ends Monday 14 January

Arctic Monkeys performed by a 10 piece brass band: pre-sale ends Tuesday 15 January

Garage Nation: pre-sale ends Monday 14 January

A.C.E. World Tour: on sale Tuesday 15 January

Innovation: tickets available now!

Whitney Queen of the Night: on sale Wednesday 16 January

The Game: tickets available now!

Rock School: on sale Tuesday 15 January

James Blake: on sale Wednesday 16 January

Black Parade 00's Emo Anthems: tickets available now!

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