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Priority Music Highlights - 14th June Onwards

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Hello everybody!

I'm happy to bring you another selection of the artists featured on the O2 Priority website this week 🎼

The record producer and DJ Kaytranada starts the list. Speaking of lists, his collaborations one is nothing short of amazing: Anderson Paak, The Weeknd, H.E.R., The Internet and I could go on and on. Featured below is a very slick track by him featuring the most excellent Kali Uchis on vocals:

His Apple Music's Essentials playlist features many of the aforementioned collabs.
Tickets pre-sale for his gig in London ends tomorrow  9:00am.


Next we've got Hans Zimmers. He has scored so many movies and those OSTs became so popular that he actually gets to tour them. Gladiator, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, Dune, Spider-Man movies... I mean, you've definitely either laughed or cried, or both, at some point whilst listening to his compositions. Not to mentions that he's asked one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Mr. Johnny Marr, to add his magic to the broth in some of those scores. How cool is that?

A selection of many tracks form his scores can be found on his Apple Music Essentials Playlist.
Tickets pre-sale for his concerts in London ends on Wednesday 8:00am.



To wrap up this week's highlights, I thought I had to balance out the forces of the universe after highlighting Liam Gallagher a few weeks ago by shining a spotlight on Robbie Williams. 

Hard to pick only one song to feature here as the man has many globally successful singles, so take that one that many people have as a romantic song when it's actually not:

A great way to check the tunes from his decade spanning career is by listening to his Apple Music Essentials playlist.
Tickets for his upcoming gigs in London are going to be available tomorrow 8:30am. Tickets for his Birmingham gig will be available on Thursday 9:00am.


As there are some many options of shows on Priority, and artists from so many different genres, it's actually very hard to pick just three of them to highlight here on the community. Hope that you guys have discovered or rediscovered an artist or band; or have found out about the gig of an artist you already love in this post! Please leave your comment if you enjoyed any of the songs shared above slight_smile

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