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O2 Priority - Caffe Nero Menu Review

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Good morning!


For many years I have enjoyed the o2 priority Caffe nero drink each week. I have tried almost everything they have but they bring out new items all the time. I wondered if anyone would like me to review the items - there's been some pretty flat ones (not flat white) so perhaps it saves you from using up your reward! 


My favourite is the hot chocolate of course!


What I like about it is it taste like they have melted chocolate to make it. I'm not a vegan but I do like to not use cow milk when possible - I actually much prefer the Soya milk in the hot chocolate if I'm honest. 


The nero soya hot chocolate is my go-to priority reward so I give it 10/10!


  • rich and chocolatey
  • gives you a nice boost without caffeine
  • extra creamy tasting because of the soya milk
  • hot but drinkable temperature

Oh you should note that because it's chocolate it's not good if you're on a diet!! but that's why it's a reward I suppose slight_smile


Let me know what I should try next week and I will give it a review!



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@Seahorse No worries about the Chai Latte, it was an idea not a request, I'm very happy to hear about the Milano hot chocolate - it sounds delicious! 


How do you think they make this one so much more creamy and intense than the normal hot chocolate? Is it actually cream in instead of milk maybe or a different process? Just curious, I can look it up as well but I'm wondering if you could taste any hints slight_smile


Happy to hear about the Flat White and your surprise next Happy Dance

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Thanks for the review of Chocolate Milano. To be honest, it sounds like it would be a bit too creamy for my tastes.

I`m looking forward to your review of Flat White - to see if this will tempt me [I promise to keep an open mind] - and your surprise next...


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Wow! Chocolate Milano, that's something I think I would love to drink, @Seahorse! Especially now when it's getting colder and colder outside - I'm imagining walking into the cafe from the cold outside, freezing, ordering the Chocolate Milano, and warming my hands around the cup. I can almost smell the flavour! Drink that and you'll be warm again.

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Your review of the Chocolate Milano @Seahorse has got my tastebuds going smiling

I do like a hot chocolate and have a sweet tooth so sounds like I'd enjoy a Chocolate Milano very much

Thank you for your review @Seahorse smiling

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How does the o2 priority drink work? Have been on o2 and didn’t know about this!
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