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British Basketball Play-off Finals 2020 ๐Ÿ€

Promo picture of a female and male basketball players


Hi everyone and happy Monday!


Do we have any basketball enthusiasts in the community? The British Basketball Play-off Finals 2020 will be held at The O2 in London on 17 May 2020, and Priority tickets for this event are going on sale this week, Thursday 23 May 2018!


I don't actually know much about basketball myself, so had some fun looking at basketball facts online just now. Did you know that the guy who invented basketball used a peach basket ๐Ÿ‘ nailed to the wall of a school gymnasium in order to keep the children active during winter? It didn't have a hole at the bottom so the balls had to be retrieved each time after scoring, which proved inefficient, so they then cut the bottom off which made it resemble the modern basketball net.


Are you excited for this one and planning to go see it live? Ever attended a basketball game? Who is your favourite player? Smiley Happy




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