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Video bloggers - Tell us about your O2 Home experience!

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Hi guys,

How are you all getting on with your O2 Home kits? The feedback you’ve given us and you’ve been instrumental in all of the improvements being made up until now and into 2017 and you’ve provided some amazing content too, such as @PhoneChanger and @gmarkj's reviews (here and here) and Daddydoink’s video guides (here and here) so I wanted to simply say that you’re all awesome Smiley Wink


As always, if you have anything to say about O2 Home, we’d love to hear about it, as well as asking if anyone would like to create a short video or post about their O2 Home experiences so far. How has O2 Home helped in every day life? Has it provided you with peace of mind?


SO, If you fancy creating a mini-video, we'd love to see it!


I just wanted to show off daddydoink's new one too, just in case anyone hasn't seen it yet Smiley Happy. Well done @Daddydoink!

Fancy writing a great device review or O2 forum guide? Send me a message!

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Re: Video bloggers - Tell us about your O2 Home experience!

I don't have one? How do I get one?