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Account advisors daily rota

Hi everyone, We have recently introduced a new account-help resource to our Community. When you post a query here on the forum, our knowledgeable community members will be happy to help troubleshoot and hopefully resolve your query. If, however, your...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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[Guru Video] Increase text size on iOS or Android

Hey all,One of our O2 Gurus, Loz, has recorded some videos stepping you through changing the text size on your phone. Some customers out there may not even know this is possible, but could benefit from a larger text size, so check out the videos belo...

Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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[Guru Video] Extend your ring time

Hey all,Our O2 Guru Ann-Marie is here to show you how to extend the ring time of an incoming call. If you're always caught scrambling about ti find your phone when a call comes in, or you just need extra time to vet it or to get ready to accept it, t...

Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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[Guru Video] How to use the My O2 App

Hey everybody,One of our O2 Gurus, Scott, has recorded a few videos introducing the fantastic My O2 app. With it, you can manage your account 24/7 - view your allowance, add bolt-ons, check your tariff details, and more.Check out the videos below, wi...

Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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[Guru Video] Voice and video calling on WhatsApp

Hey all,With many of us self-isolating or just spending more time at home, it’s important now more than ever to stay in touch with friends and family.Through the power of chat apps like WhatsApp, one of our O2 Gurus (Jim - he's not currently one of o...

Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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Technical or specialist issues? Ask our Gurus

Welcome to the brand new O2 Guru board While our stores are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, our amazing O2 Gurus are working from home and are here to help customers with any technical related issue you may be having. Our Gurus are abs...

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Chris_K by O2 Social Media Team
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Resolved! New phone help

I just got my new SE 2020 to replace my old 6s (both on O2). I want to keep my number, is the best way to move the sim in my old phone to my new one? Or do I need to use the new sim with the new phone and then switch back to my original number? (Not ...

Su1234 by Level 1: Joiner
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No signal for 5 days

I've had no signal for 5 days, just a "emergency calls only" and sim card picture message. O2 have said there is a damaged phone mast in the area, (ive travelled 10 miles to work and still had the same issue). seems terrible customer service to not h...

Resolved! SIM in car - How can I access deals and extras?

Not sure if this is the right board but I need some help regarding O2 offers.I signed up to a pay monthly SIM-only deal and I'm using the SIM card to provide connectivity in my car. Everything on that side is working fine but whenever I try to access...

New setup

Hello please help. I have just upgraded my phone from xr to the 12 5G I did this in store and kept the same sim however. Ow I am home and trying to set up it is asking me for my apple credentials (to restore backup) it is saying it has sent a code to...

Temporary Voicemail Greeting

I have always been able to add a temporary voicemail greeting that I could add when I had a day off or was on annual leave etc. I have tried today to do this hwoever all the voicemail options have changed and it doesn't appear to be an option anymore...

Gemma15 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! OPPO Pro 3

Upgraded couple of weeks ago from Iphone 7 to the new Oppo for my son in law and its rubbish. In a couple of weeks he has used over 30 gb of data - it won't connect to wifi and near enough impossible to make calls effectively on it. It is not locatio...

Philada by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Cancel my ‘extra’

I have an ‘extra’ and the free trial is due to end next month but I can’t find it to cancel it. I’ve followed the instructions but can’t find Account Summary and can’t find it listed anywhere. How do I cancel something I can’t find?

Fish1 by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Change my order

Hi I just order air pods actually I don’t need this I need a Air Pods Max is it posibale change my order

Kh13 by Level 1: Joiner
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