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Using Xperia 1 II with USB Hub

I've just bought an Advent 3-in-1 USB C Hub to use with my Xperia 1 II phone.

I mostly bought it for the HDMI output, which is working fine - I can see the phone screen mirrored on a monitor via the HDMI cable.

But I was hoping I would be be able to use my USB external keyboard and mouse at the same time. The phone doesn't seem to recognise these when plugged into the USB A socket on the hub. Is there any way to fix that? Or is there an alternative way the phone can be connected to a wired monitor, mouse and keyboard at the same time?

I do also have an unbranded accessory which is a cable with a USB C plug on one end and a USB A socket on the other end. With that I can use a keyboard and mouse with the phone with no problem.

The same USB A socket on the hub does work for connecting a mouse to my laptop.

I spoke to someone at Currys who supplied the hub, and they weren't really able to gve me any concrete information.


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Re: Using Xperia 1 II with USB Hub

When the Hub is plugged in with a mouse the USB preferences thing comes up via the notifications. The problem might be related to it having "Connected dvice" selected in the radio buttons under "USB Controlled By:". If I tap the 'This device' option it says "Coudn't switch".

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Re: Using Xperia 1 II with USB Hub

@bdsl I will tag @viridis who is the go to member here for all things Sony. Perhaps he can help you.


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Re: Using Xperia 1 II with USB Hub

It possibly could be the usb connections on most androids use connection scheduling, when you connect a device, it switches to the connection method to best control that device. I.e you plug into your pc, it switches to file transfer mode, when you connect a mouse, it switches to accessory mode.
However, accessory mode and display output are different modes so the Xperia, whilst using display output won't see the mouse connection.
For what you wish to do, I myself would look at Bluetooth for your keyboard and mouse.
I'm sure "some" hubs might have ways round what the phone is doing, but I honestly have no idea which ones could or would do it.