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Samsung s21 5g overheating

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Hi I hope this is the correct place for this? My phone has been overheating whilst not in use and I have started experiencing problems with the phone.

I've closed all apps and done the device care and all is good. Ran a virus scan and that's clean too.

Last night I completely lost all mobile network and I had to restart the phone, that worked for a little bit now it comes and goes, when I'm not trying to use it, the network comes back, but try and use it and it goes. It now looks as if it is startingto bow in the front of the phone.

I've only had this Samsung s21 5g a few months. Who do I contact about this or do I send it through to Samsung? But then I'm without a phone. I do not live in the UK so I cannot pop round to a store, we don't have one where I live. Thank you
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Search here for your nearest Samsung support location

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