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My contract

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Hi there, I urgently need some help with my phone contract. After coming in to money difficulties I missed a payment, with that I went online to arrange paying back monthly, the first payment never went out of my account ask it wasn’t asked for or taken by yourselves, so therefore had lead to my phone being cut off and now warning letters and what not..I am not in a position to call you as I have no others means of contact, is there any way I can have an email conversation or something to see what can be sorted as I have woken up to an email saying I have to pay nearly £500 within 14 a young single mum on benefits that is really struggling I believe this is unreasonable and I just don’t have that sort of money laying around. I wouldn’t have got into this situation if I did! I would appreciate it so kindly, thank you. 

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If you have Skype installed on your computer ( if you dont it can be downloaded to your phone or laptop). you can call 0800 902 0217 (its free from Skype) and they should be able to help you. 

Unfortunately if you didn't advise o2 of the situation, then they will try and claim back the money from you for the full remaining contract. 


I will also tag @O2Lisa  to see if she can offer any help.. But I would call o2 asap on the number above in the first instance. 

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O2 Support
O2 Support
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Morning all, thanks for the tag @madasaf1sh

@VG1 I'll message you privately and take a look at your account for you, see what we can get sorted😊

My working hours are Monday - Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Any messages sent outside these time will be responded to on my return.
Thanks slight_smile

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