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Top up

I usually top up my mob from the shop this time I downloaded 02 app topped up mob my top up usually lasts for months this time it's run out in three weeks as I am deaf I text from WhatsApp can anyone explain why I'm also getting a lot of advertising texts from a very senior senior 

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Re: Top up

Hi  @senior-senior 


We cannot look into individual accounts within the community so we cannot see the reason why your credit has run out so fast. 


You can opt-out of marketing by following the steps by clicking here.


You said you have downloaded the My O2 App which is great as it can help you connect to an adviser to discuss this,if you have access to WIFI on your phone just open up the My O2 App and you will see support at the bottom.



Once you tap this you can connect to an agent by clicking Start a Conversation, I would recommend doing this between 10am and 6pm.



If you do not have access to this, I would recommend if possible pop in to store for some help.

Hope this helps.