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Text Message Tips (not sent or received)

by on ‎09-12-2018 13:16 - last edited on ‎10-12-2018 15:18 by (77,281 Views)

A couple of tips if you have problems either sending or receiving text messages especially after any network issues, either with a local mast or whether a widespread network outage.

To send a text message from your mobile, you must have the correct message centre number stored in your mobile phone.

Open messages and then message settings to check ✔ :
Pay & Go message centre number is +447802092035
Pay Monthly  message centre number is +447802000332

The plus +sign is important and often drops off so check ✔ that too.

If this message centre number changes whenever the phone is powered off and then back point, you have the incorrect type of sim card for your account.


  • Important Note

The ‘delivery report’ function is not supported on the O2 network. If you would like to receive delivery reports, you can enter *0# followed by your text message and then send the message as you usually would.

If you are experiencing problems receiving text messages there are a couple of easy steps you can take to try and resolve this yourself.

  • Occasionally dust and static can build up on your sim card and prevent it from working correctly. To clean your sim card, turn off your mobile and remove the sim card. Wipe the gold tab gently with a dry lint free cloth, blow into the sim receiver in the mobile and then place it back in your mobile and turn your mobile back on.


  • Manual network selection: 
  • Forcing your mobile to try and connect to a different network, then back to O2 refreshes your mobile's connection to the O2 network and helps push through undelivered messages. To perform a manual network selection, in the 'Network Selection' settings of your mobile select 'manual' instead of 'auto'. Your mobile will search for available networks. This could take a couple of minutes. Select Vodafone and you will receive an error message similar to 'Connection Failed'. Repeat this again, but select O2 and you will receive a 'Success' or 'connected' message or something similar.

  • Provided there are no network faults in your area (use the link below to check) and your mobile or sim card are not faulty, then any undelivered texts should be delivered to your mobile within a few minutes.


  • If you are experiencing problems with just a single contact, it is more than likely that the number has accidently been blocked or added to the reject list either by yourself or the other person. Reject lists can be seperate in text and call settings so it is important to check ✔ both lists, both by yourself and the other person. Check ✔ the lists in the phone messaging app settings and the call settings menu.

on ‎09-12-2018 13:19
Nice guide mate.
by Anonymous
on ‎09-12-2018 13:24

Brilliant useful guide my friend 

on ‎09-12-2018 13:28

Excellent guide @jonsie

Can it go into the Index of guides please?

on ‎09-12-2018 13:53

Need to ask @EmilieT or @Marjo

on ‎09-12-2018 14:03

Well done @jonsie

on ‎09-12-2018 16:08

Hi @jonsie.  Can I ask you to check the numbers again because I think you may have them the wrong way round?  I'm Pay Monthly and mine ends in '332' and not '035' as stated.    I assume '035' is actually the Pay & Go.    Hope that helps,   Cheers.

on ‎09-12-2018 19:00

Yes @BobM you are perfectly correct and I will ask that it be edited.

Thank you Hero

on ‎09-12-2018 19:09

Great work, @jonsie.


Sometimes, (force) stopping and restarting the SMS app on Android can force it to release any messages, I have found.


I detect a guide in the making, @Marjo... 

on ‎09-12-2018 19:45

No problem @jonsie.   Glad I could help.

on ‎10-12-2018 13:46


Looks even better now it's been updated. Well done.

@Marjo@Martin-O2@EmilieT, could this go in the Index of Community Guides please...so they are easy to find and in one place?


on ‎10-12-2018 15:35

Thanks a lot @jonsie for creating this very helpful guide! Much appreciated. Awesome to see some collaboration too around the information.

Yes we'll add this to the index of guides @Cleoriffthumbsup



on ‎16-12-2018 17:24

hello everybody

I have a question for you:

how can i recieve an important SMS using My O2

I have lost my mobile, and can't find it.

On the other hand I am awaiting an SMS.

Could enybody help?

on ‎16-12-2018 18:04

Sorry @Omid but unless you already have a text program on your PC and linked to your phone, it is not possible.

on ‎16-12-2018 18:25

hi MI5

how could i get a text program on my PC ?

on ‎16-12-2018 18:27

Mighty Text is one but no good to you now.

on ‎16-12-2018 18:30

myms also works a treat but Mightytext is the better of the two.

on ‎17-12-2018 17:16

Sorry, I am not very tecnically minded, this is a new phone to me.

I have gone into messages; into settings - But, unable to find where the above number is?? Message Center - what other option could it be under, please?  (Pay Monthly)


I can sent to other UK numbers - not Italian friends. I can call and speak to them; no numbers are blocked. 


on ‎17-12-2018 17:33

Hi @JakesPlace

To find message centre number go into Messages> Message settings> More settings and click on Text Messages ....this will then show you your message centre number

on ‎17-12-2018 17:48

Sorry, I am not seeing it.

Messages > Message Settings >>>>


My options are: Default AMS app - change app; Notifications - sound or vibrate; Outgoing message sound - on/off; current country; smart reply; auto preview; advanced


Advanced: group messaging; auto downloand MMS - on/off; simple characters - on/off; SMS delivery rpt - on/off; service messages - on/off; emergency alerts; SIM card messages; phone number ( unknown !)


Many, Many Thanks

on ‎17-12-2018 18:05

If you can send texts to others in the uk then your messae centre number is correct. It ca only be the country code or that the receipient's network not handling O2 texts.

To check message centre number on android if there is no option in the message settings ::

Type *#*#4636#*#* into your phone on the dial screen then dial. Select Phone information. Scrolldown and select the SMSC setting which gives you the message centre number.

on ‎17-12-2018 18:13

@jonsieIt might be an idea to pop the code in the guide in case we have this again?

on ‎17-12-2018 18:51

Good idea smiling

on ‎02-01-2019 15:53

I have texted several UK mobile numbers (different providers) = All received.

Sent a few texts to international numbers (Italy & Germany) = NOT recieved!

Tried On-line chat - not working!!!


Please can anybody suggest any solutions  - Many Thanks

on ‎30-04-2020 09:48

ok tx s just started to work again. from all the blogs here i may have a dirty sim and sim fitting with an intermittant fault but all ok  for now. wow !!!  will give it a careful clean soon . thanks for all  who  do this.  stay safe . 

on ‎30-04-2020 10:01

Well done @paul73 

on ‎30-04-2020 14:00

Excellent @paul73 

on ‎06-05-2020 09:49

Used the sim clean and manual select no change

on ‎06-05-2020 12:56

There are known issues with texts if you have changed sims recently and/or ported your number.

on ‎06-05-2020 13:00

Or had a new phone, some with older phones. Not just one type of phone as we first thought. iPhones and Samsung. all included

on ‎10-09-2020 18:05
Still not working.😔
on ‎10-09-2020 18:25

You'll need to call O2 then @alice5 

Numbers here Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support