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O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to sign up

by on ‎25-11-2016 15:40 - last edited on ‎11-09-2020 15:08 by Community Manager (209,411 Views)

O2 Offer 4 schemes that discount of the airtime portion of your contract:

  • O2 Open is employer based, with certain jobs qualifying for discounts of 15 or 25% depending on tariff (see T&C's FAQ)
  • Friends and Family (F&F) applies if you have friends or family working for O2. F&F is 50% off the airtime portion of your Refresh contract, or 30% off the total cost if you're on SIM only.
  • O2 Student offer is 20% off your airtime plan on Refresh




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More information on each discount scheme below:


O2 Open discount

Please read the FAQ's carefully as there have been some significant changes, such as no longer allowing customers to share their code up to 5 times. You can now only use it twice. Once for a Mobile Refresh contract and once for a Mobile Broadband Refresh contract.

A summary of Open T&C's are here T&C's.


Step 1 – Registration
Start by signing in to My O2 Open at o2.co.uk/open using
your My O2 username and password. You’ll need the five
character O2 Open company code that you’ll get from your
employer. You should ask your HR dept for this.

Code Check and confirmation process: You can text OPEN followed by the company name to 61202 and it will confirm your eligibility and the O2 Open code to use. Make sure you try different variations of your company name if unsuccessful with one version. ie, NHS, health service, health trust, etc.


Step 2 – Verify your registration
When you register, we need to confirm that you work for
the company or organisation, so you will need to give us a
valid work email address. We will send a validation link to
this email and you will need to click this link to complete
validation. Alternatively you can give us your National
Insurance number and upload a recent copy of your payslip.
We will check these details and send you an email to your
personal email address to let you know that you’ve been
validated successfully. This will take up to three days.


Step 3 – Apply your discount
Once we have verified your registration, you can log back
into o2.co.uk/open and select the number you would like the
discount applied to. Once the O2 Open discount has been
applied, it will continue for the remainder of your O2 Refresh
contract. If you upgrade to a new O2 Refresh contract, you’ll
need to re-apply for the O2 Open discount.

Latest O2 Open help pages here


Friends & Family discount

For F&F, the employee of O2 needs to request the discount on your behalf by texting DISCOUNT to 2020.

They will get instructions back with what information to provide next to arrange for the discount.

After that part is done both employee and customer will get a notification on their mobile within 72 hours that the discount has been added.


Note that the F&F discount can be added only within 90 days of taking a new contract or an upgrade.


The F&F discount can also be applied to simo contracts (providing they are not already discounted by a special offer or web deal) and PAYG accounts but at all times the contracts must be taken directly with O2 (no 3rd party resellers) and notable exclusions always apply to new iPhone launches (check T&C's for full details).


If you upgrade you must also re-apply for your discount. It will not be carried forward to an upgrade or a new contract, even if in the same name.


Once your F&F discount has been applied to your account, you should see it as a bolt-on as well as in the Discounts section of your Bill breakdown in My O2:

F&F Bolt-On in My O2 Bill breakdown My O2


Student discount

To claim your student discount text your code to 61202 from any mobile. You will receive a confirmation text back that says you will be notified when your request is processed.


Help page here for students on studentoffer (follow the link for details on how to sign up to UNiDAYS).


Family Plan discount

With the Family Plan, you can get up to 50% off your airtime plan, when you take out an additional connection (up to 20 connections) on an eligible tariff. Help page here for the Family Plan discount for more info and help with signing up.


This is how the Family Plan discount shows in your My O2:

Family Plan discount in My O2



Hope this helps in explaining the different schemes and claim processes.


on ‎28-10-2019 14:48


Posting a code here will not get your discount.

Please follow the help in the main thread.

on ‎25-04-2020 09:56
I've upgraded early so my open says its valid until october but my new contract started today. How can I add the open discount to me early upgrade?
on ‎25-04-2020 09:59


I'd give the system a couple of days to catch up then submit again. 

on ‎25-04-2020 10:00
Ah good point- thank you, I'll have patience!
on ‎25-04-2020 12:00

You're welcome and best of luck.

on ‎24-06-2020 21:57

I'm employed by an organisation that definately is eligible for discount yet when I text my organisations name to 61202 to get the five digit discount code, it says "don't recognise, need to specify organisation". 


Can anyone help? 

on ‎24-06-2020 22:03


Can't help with the limited info given so I suggest you call customer service.

The best number to get through seems to be
0800 587 4005

on ‎17-11-2020 12:51

Hi, dont know if you can help. I have a good friend who works for O2 and is able to get me the friends and family discount. Im looking at a sim only for the 30% discount. I have seen a sim only offer through Uswitch and to buy this it takes me directly to an O2 page to go through my O2 account and purchase so would this be elegible for the discount?

on ‎17-11-2020 12:55


Not if it is an already discounted tariff as you can only have one discount applied.

You need to work out which way of buying gives you the biggest discount.

on ‎17-11-2020 12:57



Ok thank you.


Would this also be the case for a sim only through an O2 black friday offer? E.g. the 150gb for £20 currently on offer.

on ‎17-11-2020 13:00


It would not apply to that specific offer you mention as it doesn't have a discount applied to it. It's just a special offer.

on ‎30-01-2021 19:00

Hi i have the Blue Card but work in differant care company now   How do i register please

on ‎30-01-2021 19:08


You'll neeed to call O2 http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus