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Lost or Stolen O2 Device? How to Report it

by on ‎12-12-2016 11:47 - last edited on ‎04-04-2019 14:51 by (99,251 Views)

If you have lost or had stolen your O2 device you need to report it to O2 immediately.

Firstly it’s worth checking the “find my phone” options.

If no luck with those options the loss must be reported to O2 within 24 hours. That way, the customer can only be held liable for any charges up to the point of reporting or a maximum liability of £100.

There are various ways to do this and the links are provided below. Just remember to have your account details handy. Here the info required when contacting O2 to report a loss:

  • Mobile number –
  • If you want to make an insurance claim, O2 will need a few more bits of information around the incident (explained under the help page). It’s always good to confirm the Handset make and model
  • IMEI isn’t necessary, but helpful if you have it available.



(Remeber to stay on the line right through to the end of the recorded announcements and options)

The Voice option is 24hrs, so if it’s in normal opening times it will go through to CS. If it's outside of these goes to the Out of hour’s team who deal with Lost and Stolen queries.

Lost or stolen device
If your device has been lost or stolen, we're available 24 hours a day to help. We can block your device, and send you a new sim with your existing number. If your device has been stolen, you need to let us and the police know within 24 hours. If it's been lost, just let us know within 24 hours. We'll then cap your liability for calls and data to £100, in case there is any unauthorised use of your device.

  • If you're a Pay Monthly customer, call us on: 0344 809 0202, or +44 344 809 0202 if you're abroad.
  • If you're a Pay As You Go customer you'll need to call: 0344 809 0222 or +44 344 809 0222 if you're abroad.

NOTE: If you have phone insurance, we'll also help you make a claim and replace your mobile.


Live Chat

Opening times for the Chat channel – 07:00 till 23:00 every day (UK time)

If you wonder what option the do you need to choose from the live chat, choose “Need Help with my O2 Account

on ‎12-12-2016 11:51

Excellent guide @MI5 Every option shown. Great.

on ‎12-12-2016 11:57
Yep, needed doing.
on ‎12-12-2016 12:17

Maybe just add that when calling to stay on the phone till the end of the IVR. Despite requests it is still the last option.

on ‎12-12-2016 12:23
Good point @jonsie Smiley Happy
on ‎12-12-2016 12:56

Also the weblink needs checking. It states O2 Online Help: Report your handset lost or stolen. Not sure if that would cover sims. For obvious reasons I haven't worked through to the additional information section..


on ‎12-12-2016 12:58
Handset only I presume as that is what it states.
on ‎12-12-2016 13:08

Thats my point. Many people come here who have lost their sim card (not the phone). Currently we give them the same info as if they have had their device lost/stolen. http://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-sims-and-devices/lost-or-stolen-device.

All I am trying to say is the web form route probably wont be applicable if clients have just lost a sim...

on ‎12-12-2016 13:16
That's correct. Probably best to call in that case rather than use the device/handset form.
by Anonymous
on ‎04-06-2017 01:10

Thanks x

on ‎04-06-2017 01:32
Happy to help Smiley Happy
on ‎14-06-2017 22:29


the advice is great.

however, once i have used web report, I didn't' receive any feedback from O2.

I have sorted it out today (after 8 days) through OS chat because there was no record of my report.


on ‎14-06-2017 22:36

Hi @lUCAC Pleased it got sorted.... though rather concerned that you had no response from the webform section Or even a record of it being submitted. https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/help/help?qid=1&q1=2&route=lost_stolen&case=Lost/Stolen%20Form

Maybe @MercedesS @Martin-O2 or @Marjo could investigate this for you. All options contained within the guide should work for everyone.

on ‎14-06-2017 22:45
the guides work. there is the correspondence between the guides and the tasks that can be done.
the issue is in the internal process/procedures.
on ‎14-06-2017 22:59

@lUCAC wrote:
the guides work. there is the correspondence between the guides and the tasks that can be done.
the issue is in the internal process/procedures.

Yes I gather that @lUCAC. I am simply referring to the fact that you had no response by using that method of reporting a lost/stolen device. (and no one had a record of it) Obviously some breakdown in communication  between O2's processes. That needs to be checked out. Thanks for reporting your experience. Smiley Wink

on ‎15-06-2017 09:03

wow thank you, guys! Great job! Fantastic

Let us help you here and see if we can help you raise your concerns.

And thanks @lUCAC for sharing your experience. Maybe now we can help other better Wave

on ‎21-02-2018 19:34
I've sent an emai to O2 claim with the form completed but I haven't receive any answer. How long does it take until I receive a answer from them?
on ‎21-02-2018 19:46
Probably best to call and chase them up @AnamariaF http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus