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How to Share Data on O2

by on ‎21-01-2021 10:17 - last edited on ‎25-01-2021 12:31 by Community Manager (1,797 Views)

O2 Sharer Plans
How to share data with another O2 contract.
Sharer plans are Pay Monthly tariffs that allow the data allowance from one device to be shared with another. For example, if you have two O2 Pay Monthly mobiles in your family, and one is on an O2 Refresh tariff with a data allowance of 1GB or more, the data can be shared with the second phone.
But you need to switch it to a sharer plan tariff, so this needs to be done once it is out of contract or when you first take out the additional contract.
The phone tariff cost is £19.00 per month and comes with unlimited calls and texts.
The tablet / data tariff cost is £8.50 per month and comes with 100 texts and nothing else.
Your lead device can share its data allowance with up to nine other devices, either mobiles, tablets or SIM only. Extra devices can be added to your sharer plan at any time. And you can have more than one lead device too.
All mobiles or tablets using a shared data allowance need to be on a Pay Monthly contract - sharer plans are not available for Pay as You Go or Business devices.
Sharer plan devices can only be bought in an O2 store or by calling 0330 8800 908.
If you already have two or more devices on O2 and are out of contract, log into your My O2 to see if you can upgrade to the relevant voice or data only tariff to enable it to share. 

As long as the lead number is a sharer tariff it can then share
You can also track how much of your data allowance each device is using in your My O2.
Setting up your sharer plans
Before you can share a data allowance across your devices, O2 need to activate sharing on your lead device. If this was not done in store when you bought your device or SIM, you can activate it in your My O2.
Once logged in you will see a list of your Pay Monthly account(s), with a link to set up your shared data. Click this and the lead device will be shown with its data allowance followed by a list of phones and tablets that you can share the allowance with.
Tick the boxes for devices you wish to share with and if you want, change the names, so you can easily spot which device is which. Then click the 'Start sharing data' button and you are done.
You will see a message confirming that O2 are processing the request - it normally takes around 10-15 minutes to activate, but sometimes could take up to 24 hours.
Managing your data
Use your My O2 to see how much data you have got - you can also see how much data each device has used.
If you are running low on data, you can add a Bolt On, which gives you a temporary increase in data for the month. Or you might want to upgrade your tariff. Go to your My O2 to check out your options.
O2 will send you a text when you have used 80% of your allowance for that month and another when all used. There will also be a notification in your My O2, where you will be able to top up more data.
Other additional products & services - such as O2 Travel - can be added to, or removed from, individual accounts (either Leaders or Members) without any impact on the Sharer group. These products & services will only be available for the mobile number to which they were added so other connections within the group will not be able to use or benefit from them.
This also applies to data roaming caps. Adding a cap, or opting out of it, only affects that individual mobile number so any other connections within the group need to be updated individually as required.
It is not possible to switch to a sharer plan tariff mid-term unless the contract is paid off first.
The following tariffs can share data:
• O2 Refresh tariff with 1GB or more on phones, excluding Unlimited data tariffs.
• O2 Refresh tariff with 3GB or more on mobile broadband devices.
Only the Leader's data allowance is shared.
Only UK data can be shared.
If the Leader of a group is roaming, their Sharer Data allowance will still be available for all Members to use from the UK. If a Member is roaming, they will not be able to use the Leader's allowance and the standard data roaming charges for their price plan will apply.

on ‎22-01-2021 16:03

Superbly researched, @MI5, and explained too! 

This also may help explain why O2 is dropping a couple of their long-running bolt-ons in Feb:


  • Hi. We've an update on one of our Bolt Ons. 
  • We're discontinuing the My Family and Extended Family Bolt On, so it'll no longer be available to you after 18 Feb. Sorry.
  • You don't need to do anything, it'll be automatically removed from your account. For more info, contact us here...

Not sure if those are the same as this one we have, that allows up to 5 O2 phones to call or txt each other for free, for ca £6 monthly. 


on ‎22-01-2021 17:37

Great guide @MI5 . Will be very helpful to many. thumbsup