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Have you fallen for or been conned into a premium rate scam? What to do next

by on ‎28-04-2016 19:33 - last edited on ‎20-04-2018 12:34 by (352,026 Views)

If you get your o2 bill and it is higher than expected and on checking the bill in myo2 you find have either have a premium rate charge or a charge to mobile value on your bill, then you may have fallen for a scam on the internet or actually used one of the services.


O2 has provided a short video (see below) explaining about premium SMS numbers and how to avoid "bill shock":


O2 are not the ones that regulate this type of common issue but the regulator Phone-paid Services Authority.
In this self-help guide, I hope to point you in the correct direction to hopefully get your money back from the scammers.


Facebook and other social media platforms are where these scams come from and by being more vigilant on there should also help you in not getting these in future.

O2 can only apply a block on your account for outgoing premium rate services (Confirmed)

NOTE:  If you need to block unsolicited incoming calls, you can register on TPS online which should take you off the national marketing database.

To reclaim any fraudulent charges, you need to follow the clear process outlined here http://psauthority.org.uk/for-consumers/unexpected-phone-charge I will not repeat the process here as it is better explained there. It is not down to o2 to issue refunds (but you may get a goodwill gesture)

O2’s advice is also available here http://www.o2.co.uk/help/account-and-billing/extras-and-premium-rates again unclear if they will block incoming or just outgoing.

O2 charge to mobile can be blocked as per the advice here http://service.o2.co.uk/IQ/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?New,Kb=Companion,question=ref(User):str(Mobile),C...


I hope this guide will help others understand why, when you call/live chat with o2 sometimes you may not get the response you are expecting.

Some useful external links




Some extra Info I have is the following list is the top 20 Premium rate services along with all options for contact cost etc source PSA website


Short code Service Company Contact Stop Option Keyword Subscription Cost
80114 Reverse charge Calls 08000MUMDAD 0800 015 1455
STOP ALL 08000MUMDAD No  £4.00 initial charge
61177 Wizzminds Weekly Competition Artiq Mobile 0800 015 5139
STOP ALL N/A Yes £4.50 pw
66299 Mobile Download Cellfie Lalamobi support@lalamobi.com
85555 Channel 5 Competitions Channel 5 0208 114 7001 STOP ALL Varied No  £2.00
83958 Capital Radio  Global Radio Services 0149 475 0500
STOP ALL Varied No £1.00
65557 Competition - xFactor, GMB, BGT ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
81119 Competition - This Morning, Loose Women ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
62525 Competition - xFactor, GMB, BGT ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
68333 Competition - xFactor, The Voice ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
68123 Competition - I'm a celebrity, Dickinsons real deal ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
88323 Competition - Dickinson's Real Deal ITV 0344 881 4150
STOP ALL N/A No £2.00
78555 Gaming OpenMarket / MXTelecom 0207 754 8998
STOP ALL Varied No £1.00
80876 Service Paysera support@paysera.com STOP ALL PIP Yes Varied
60077 Prizehook S P Two 0330 134 0183 STOP ALL Varied Yes £4.00
60044 Competition SB7 Mobile 0330 134 0181
STOP ALL Varied No £4.50 Per Msg
79100 Win Con Sites Storacall Technology 0333 332 1972 STOP ALL DOG, COTTAGE Yes £1.50
87066 Multiple Companies Services Tap2Bill 0333 003 0581
STOP ALL Varied Yes £4.50 PW
60447 Discount Voucher Website Viva La Voucher 0344 745 1791
STOP ALL N/A Yes £2.00 pw
88227 Competition Xinion 0333 202 7721
STOP ALL N/A No Varied

‎01-12-2018 20:36 - edited ‎01-12-2018 20:37

I'm absolutely horrified to find that O2 is colluding in such an obvious scam as this.


I was reading an article about Irish stone circles on Facebook when I suddenly got a text saying I'd subscribed for "Listen2books for £4.50 every week from Lasevia until you text STOP to 83463".


I must have accidentally touched a bannner or link that popped up and surprised me while scrolling through the article?


Completely unacceptable as verification.


But it's actually worse that O2 colludes with this - they obviously do as it is directly connnected to my phone and the money comes out of my account with O2.


I then tried to text STOP but my text wouldn't send.


Called O2 customer service and it quickly became clear that the poor person working at the other end had clear instructions about what to say - "it wasn't a scam, it was perfectly legal, I definitely had clicked on a link" etc.  


I genuinely thought O2 were better than that. Saddens me, especially when I think of more vulnerable people than myself, like my dad or my teenage children.


So disappointed, and want to change my provider. I will go to Which to see if there's anyone who doesn't include this kind of scamming in their business model.


Will also tell my friends about this. 

on ‎11-01-2019 14:50

I had the same issue as one or two other posters on this thread.. scammed by Lasevia Limited

for £4.50 a week. Apparently, I clicked an ad or link on a page I was browsing on my mobile (fat fingers or the 'Advert' disguised as page text?) . I got a 'receipt' text straight away saying I had signed up to a book listening service. ??!! 

I'm reluctant to text 'STOP' to the suggested number from them as I'm guessing that that will just confirm that I'm a verified phone user and I'll then start getting spammed by all kinds of schemes. I've been with O2 for years and this is the first of the scam I've been a victim too, really annoyed.
I have read here that O2 won't be interested and won't block the payment requests for me.. I'll give that route a try though.

on ‎28-01-2019 20:29
Thanks for writing this up. This just happened to me, clicked a product link and instead of a product page my browser skipped through several empty pages then I got a text saying I'd signed up for £4.50 a week. Turns out I was using mobile data which can easily expose your number to scam pages allowing automated signups! If my wifi hadn't dropped out it would have just been a scam page instead of automatic.
on ‎28-01-2019 20:32
I should add that called O2 on 202 they advised me to text stop, not to call the obvously premium "help"number on the text, that they would put a block on my account to prevent this happening again and if a charge occurs it would be waived. Very helpful and friendly representative.
on ‎03-02-2019 15:50

After discussions with a couple of people in the "industry" I have learnt that O2 take 30% of the proceed from scams like those perpetrated by Lasevia. I wish O2 would do the same as EE and introduce 2 factor authorisation for Payforit subscriptions. Not much chance I suppose when they profit so much from scam subscriptions. I always realised that despite protestations to the contrary, O2 made money from these scams. But 30% !!!!

on ‎03-02-2019 15:58

Little wonder they are fobbing us off here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Discussions-and-Feedback/Premium-rate-services-petition-to-O2/td-p/118... and proves what we always thought Jaw-dropping

on ‎03-02-2019 16:39

We knew they had a kick-back from these scams but 30% was undreamt of. Expect 2-step in 2025 if we are lucky!

on ‎07-02-2019 12:08

Ive been charged 5 times with the lasevia limited amountimng to £22.50, rang O2 today if i can refund my money, absolutely shocked that they can't do anything about it!

so i went to file my complaint to PSA which i will get a respond soon. i might find another provider soon.

Is anyone can help me with this issue?

on ‎07-02-2019 12:14

@007 all help is above.

on ‎07-02-2019 16:06
on ‎20-02-2019 14:38

The latest Myo2 app has a way of checking these rogue charges.


on ‎20-02-2019 16:38

Where from? Google Play Store still has 9.3.1, your pic is 9.3.3... Or is it still beta and you're piloting, @adamtemp64

on ‎20-02-2019 17:23

 That's iphone not Android yet.

on ‎17-03-2019 18:25

Can anyone help me with an email address for SB7 Mobile Health Ltd. They have deducted £3 a week from my O2 account. The online help suggested I call the company and gave me a number but I am unsure where to phone. 

I tried customerservices@sb7mobile.com the email bounced back. 

I have also tried help@sb7mobile.com and the automated reply does not list SB7 Health. 



‎17-03-2019 18:42 - edited ‎17-03-2019 18:43


Try their website for contact details http://sb7mobile.com/

on ‎28-03-2019 12:04

I have been scammed by a a company Wapstar Content but comes up on my bill as Play Bay BV or remote games.


Had no idea I was being scammed.


4 months


£148.50 in total.


Called the company, they admitted I have never used any games, yet are unwilling to refund.


Is there anything else I can do? 

on ‎28-03-2019 13:29

@RY09 additional help here https://payforitsucks.co.uk/

on ‎29-03-2019 01:26

After I got stung twice recently with a message saying I had subscribed to something I'd never heard of and I had to send a message to cancel it, I took a closer look at my phone and discovered that some of the apps have ads placed in a narrow space at the bottom of the screen close to the navigation buttons. So when I'm busily checking my phone it's easy to inadvertently and unknowlingly click the ad and trigger a trial subscription. Especially when as a senior person one's fingers aren't as supple as they used to be! I'm extra careful now - but I still think it's a nasty trick.

on ‎29-03-2019 07:28

Yes @JohnD4610  it IS a nasty trick and so easily done. (I know what you mean about fingers not being so supple as you get older. I'm just the same) 

on ‎04-04-2019 10:10
Sorry but there’s many reasons why you wouldn’t even be aware that this is going on.
If you see a dodgy text telling you to call a premium rate number yet you don’t see anything coming out of your bank account because it’s actually being added to your phone bill why would you call it?
We always get told not to get duped by dodgy texts & emails yet O2 want to blame their customers yet take NO responsibility.

Believe it or not there are people that might think their bill might be hi but still have no idea that Lasevia are taking money and O2 & Lasevia Know it hence why it’s a good scam for them but customers are the ones that pay.

Why aren’t O2 who claim to be a Premier Network not doing the safeguarding in an issue that is now frequent on their network?

Why is it us that have to go running around chasing Ombudsman's and be on the phone to them trying to sort it out while even though their customer services play basically dumb like they don’t know anything about it.

O2 are either getting a nice slice of what we’re getting ripped off by Lasevia and other similar rouge 3rd party’s or this is another prime example of how badly this one time excellent service provider has let it get to their heads and now treating their customers like cash cows who shouldn’t get the service for the premium they are paying for or it’s probably both because they want to hide behind they’re terms and conditions that state they won’t get involved when we’re being conned yet do nothing to protect us other than putting a bar on these services AFTER it’s happened........yea that’s right makes 0 sense.

Vodaphone, EE and other networks have procedures in place and don’t seem to be affected or if so dealing with it the way it should be yet O2 & GIFF Gaff customers are being conned.

So O2 and this is with the greatest respects to GIFF Gaff customers but are O2 basically a GIFF Gaff company (which isn’t deemed as Premier Network) pretending to be one??

I think this is another big reason I have to say yes to that.

on ‎20-04-2019 17:37

Just to be absolutely clear about what you should do when you receive unexpected Payforit charges and what you can reasonably expect O2 to do (but they won't).


You are expected to try to resolve your "dispute" with the "third party" first. Best to do this by email, or failing this to record the phone call. It is essential that you obtain evidence that you have had a "discussion" with the third party.


If at this stage you haven't rceived a FULL refund, escalate the dispute to O2 under the Payforit rules (see below).

Screenshot 20**Personal info** 10.15.05.png

If O2 refuse to allow you to escalate in this manner, you should raise a formal complaint. If they insist that you consented to the charges, you should also insist on seeing:


  • Screenshots of the subscription workflow where you were alleged to have signed up for this service.
  • A description of what the service you are supposed to have subscribed to provides? Is this a newsletter, access to a web portal?
  • Any evidence that after supposedly signing up for the service, you actually used it
  • The complete web server log of the subscription, including the User Agent strings containing all device details (browser, device type, device IP address) together with dates and times.
  • Full company details of the company operating the service, country of registration, full name of company, company number and registered company address.


If you are the victim of one of the prolific scammers (Lasevia Ltd, Ferdamia Ltd, SB7 Mobile), you might wish to proceed directly to use the Small Claims procedure to obtain a refund directly from O2, citing their negligence in failing to protect you from obvious scams.


To be clear also about the role of the Phone-paid Services Authority(PSA). They are not an Ombudsman. They do not resolve individual complaints. There is no point in "escalating" your complaint to them, whatever a mistaken O2 Customer Service Rep has told you.

You should report your experience to the PSA if you were subscribed to one of these services without consent. You should also report to the PSA if you have problems communication with the company (emails not being answered or promised returned calls not being made for example). They may investigate and fine the errant company, but they will not help you get a refund from them!

on ‎05-06-2019 19:44

Have a look at this video, this guy telling how they get/hack the number even if you don't enter your number and then start sending you messages. 

There main prey is the old people. who cannot concentrate on the bills.



on ‎07-08-2019 20:54

Might consider adding Mulliner.org/pc.cgi to the list of resources? 





on ‎30-09-2019 14:22

So I've been scammed via a data only O2 dongle. It's simply not possible I've accidently clicked an App as I only use it for my laptop which has all pop ups blocked. I don't even have a smart phone so no accidents could have happened.

on ‎30-09-2019 14:26

There is supposed to be two step authorisation these days. How long is it since you noticed charges on your account @MarkMW 

on ‎30-09-2019 15:32

@jonsieThe first payment was 22 May. I noticed today, so about £100's worth of weekly £4.50 charges.


I'm interested as this case, given it's a SIM in a hotspot, could prove O2 are complicit or at least negligent in verifying payments as it's not technically possibel for me to have authorised a payment, I believe. Even the O2 advisor seemed to think that.


I'm also unemployed so £100 is a lot to me!

on ‎16-10-2019 13:43

I have recently been charged quite a bit of money by UME and Sb7.


There was a few e mails sent and eventually they informed me they would reimburse me a small amount. 


Last e mail to them letting them know that I would contact the PSA .......Full refund given. 


Don't let them away with it. 

on ‎12-02-2020 20:26

I have realised this week that I have been charged £3 per week by Demon Games since March 2019, totalling £147.  O2 placed a bar on these types of charges and gave me DG's contact details to obtain a refund.  DG have offered to refund £12.


DG have provided details of when I "subscribed" to their service, but I have proof that I was not using my phone at that time, and there is no evidence that I have ever used the service.  O2 offered me an £8 refund and suggested I change my number!  They eventually suggested I contact Ofcom.  Following advice at the top of this thread I have now filed a report with the PSA and contacted Ofcom.  My next step will be small claims court.  It is unbelievable that the original post for this thread goes back several years, yet O2 is still allowing this to happen.

on ‎12-02-2020 20:34


More help on getting your money back here 


on ‎25-11-2020 14:02

My phone is used by an elderly relative.  I want to block the outgoing premium rate numbers, as she often phones them (for nothing) and £5 is instantly added to the bill. Can't see an option in my account to block those outside tariff charges.  Can't get through on webchat.   Can anyone please point me in the right direction?



on ‎25-11-2020 14:06
on ‎25-11-2020 14:27

Just got through on livechat and managed to do it.  Just a spend cap of £0, but I couldn't see how to do that in My Account

on ‎25-11-2020 14:41

You can't do it in your MyO2 @Thekesslerboy 

Spend caps, premium rate bars and direct to bill bars have to be done through customer service unfortunately.