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OOh - 02 let me down this time re lost property

Hi   hope you are having fun in the warm weather if its down your way.

I'm sorry to say this is shock surprise re 02 shops.

Warning do not leave your purse, passport, tablet, money, phone , papers, mortgage paaperwork, or anything at all in 02 shops. If you dont realise youve lost it within 48 hours it is destroyed and it seems no record kept.


I lost a cloth bag with important papers in it somewhere in my home town. Fortunately my tablet was no longer in it at the time.  It was  left in the bank, photo shop or bus, I thought. 2 out of 3 said No and the 3rd was making enquiries.

My next visit into town was  to check how important the papers were and if replaceable. As I passed 02 I remembered I'd popped in to the shop to check on my phone. I'd been thru 4 time zones over 10 days & the phone couldnt cope :-). On the way out I asked about lost property. A young 'gentleman' said '' when did U lose it'' My reply a week ago'' & was forcefully told '' we dont keep lost property, its destroyed after 48hrs'' I was so taken aback I repeated this plus what if those papers in my old bag were a mortgage or simlarly important.  The parrot like voice came back  ''everything destroyed within 48 hours; no room to store lost things ''' I said thank you and commented I would put this to the community.

If you know my recent posts you will know Im full of praise for 02 store , and as an older, deaf person have always been appreciative of the service received. NOT this time....... if this goes on well who knows.

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Re: OOh - 02 let me down this time re lost property

hi folks I haven't had a reply to this one . Does anyone know whether its 02 policy to destroy items after 48hrs. Regardless of what they contain or whether a name and address is inside?
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Re: OOh - 02 let me down this time re lost property

I assume it's down to the individual stores?
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Re: OOh - 02 let me down this time re lost property

Any normal or sane employee would look inside for a name and try to contact him/her. I can't believe they would destroy everything after 48 hours. The employee in question must surely have been spinning you a line? 

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Re: OOh - 02 let me down this time re lost property



In common usage, theft is the illegal taking of another person's property or services without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.


By destroying your property, therefore permanently depriving you of it, I believe they could have committed theft.


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